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  1. gombo2

    Cronometer results for the FMD

    In your opinion what would be a vigorous CR?I think it would be imc 16 or less
  2. gombo2

    Olive oil can be healthier than wine

    Olive Oil https://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2018/1/olive-oil-markedly-extends-human-lifespan#:~:text=Olive Oil Markedly Extends Human Lifespan,longer (after age 65). Wine http://g1.globo.com/Noticias/Ciencia/0,,MUL8216-5603,00-VINHO+PODE+PROLONGAR+A+VIDA+DIZ+ESTUDO.html
  3. I read that wine prolongs the life of men by 3.8 years all ages and olive oil by 9.5 years in people aged 65 and over which is an incredible benefit if we take olive oil from childhood we would have about 40 years of benefit
  4. gombo2

    Blood Pressure

    I am in CR my cholesterol is 163, glucose 81 and triglycerides 79? Will losing 5 pounds a month make my blood low in micronutrients if I go on an ovolactovegetarian diet? When I lost 10 lbs in 1 month and in the last days of CR before I was admitted I was 700 calories a day and before the average was 1200- 1800 that month and I was being omnivorous and my nutrients went bad how much I can lose a month without spoiling the nutrients and if a person leaves the BMI below 14 and keeps it for a long time it also spoils the nutrients even without loss of weight and obese people who eat 1200 calories can spoil blood nutrients even on a no-nonsense diet? oes body fat help to absorb nutrients and all nutrients if they are below normal shorten life, and if I have only one nutrient below normal example iron I will live less than I was overweight and all the right nutrients and elderly people need a higher percentage of fat to absorb nutrients. If the BMI below 14 gives me an extreme longevity, how do I prevent my relatives from being admitted without being aggressive because I want to have a very low fat percentage and how often should I adjust the calories without disturbing other areas of life? ?
  5. gombo2

    Blood Pressure

    In your opinion how many calories is considered CR? And why many CR practitioners do not exercise
  6. gombo2

    Blood Pressure

    I would consider calorie restriction BMI less than 18.5 as people between 18.5 and 25 have normal calories and more than 25 high calories.
  7. gombo2

    When you start CR?

    start in early or mid 2018 at late 16 years old and stop in 2019 at mid 17 years old and return in 2019 at early 18 years old
  8. I'm feeling pain in my chest and back when exercising and sitting and I'm only 19 years old. Should I continue exercising? I'm 1.82 or 1.83 and 59 kg and I wanted to do CR because I don't want to die anytime soon and my mother doesn't want me to. do CR because she thinks it's bad? They say that exercising reduces atherosclerosis and they say that exercising a lot increases atherosclerosis and I will eat about 1650-1750 calories and exercise moderately to reduce the fat in my arteries, I started exercising in 2019 but it was not little by little you do you think it is better to stop 6 months and start gradually afterwards until you reach 2200 calories per week spent on exercise? And which system do you find best for me calorie counting or weight control? I have about 19% fat how many percent do you think I should get to have clean arteries
  9. Why is 15% the healthiest fat percentage and people who maintained a fat percentage of less than 10% with the same calories every day and a healthy diet suffered from a lack of micronutrients?
  10. gombo2

    Gombo current diet

    Yes i am him
  11. Infection speeds up metabolism?
  12. gombo2

    Gombo current diet

    Hello I am 19 years old and 58 kg I will reduce my calories little by little and get into a CR style because I played a lot with health in my teens and before and I think I should start CR now because if I postpone a lot and become obese in the future I will lose years of life I want to reach the technology of immortality and see many things in this world My cholesterol is 163, triglycerides 79 and glucose 81 I have the average parameters of someone at BMI 20, maybe they have a bad genetics or family hypercholesterolemia, so I prefer to drop my weight down to 51.5 kg and spend my time playing on the computer and exercising I want to be a severe CR like Michael Rae!
  13. I think from 18.5
  14. Will it be possible to starve to death in the technology of immortality?