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    Hello. I am a newbie here. I'm a retired RN (6 years), married and live in California. I'll be 60 this November. My problems started after age 52 when I hit menopause, a back surgery and lost my job of 20 years and had to start a new one. Since then, I've pretty much been battling weight gain (particularly around the waist and butt but really, all over), high blood pressure and what my doctor called a little insulin resistance. I went from 105lbs to 120 within 3 years. As an amatuer dancer for most of my life, I didn't like this new weight or shape or the malaise and other symptoms that went with it: low sex drive, poor sleep and constant fatigue, poor concentration and just general apathy. I tried cutting out sugar and refined carbs and age "healthy" but it changed very little weight wise or otherwise. I tried restricting my calories to 1400-1600 but that didn't help. Last November, I read about CR and embarked on a 900-1000 calorie diet consisting of berries, almond milk, green, yellow and purple veg, beans, nuts and a little fish. I stayed on it for 2 months. My results were astonishing! I lost 10 lbs, my blood pressure dropped and I no longer needed afternoon naps. My blood work came back perfect! The past few weeks, I've slid back into old habits again so I'm back on it. My father who is 90, has been doing CR for the past 10-15 years and he is sharp, healthy and vibrant. I hope to follow in his tracks.
  2. I'm a woman approaching 60 in a few months. I'm 5'3" and as of last week, weighed in at 115 lbs. Until menopause, 9 years ago, I was fit and healthy at 105 lbs. I've been active all my life as an amateur dancer and employed as an RN. I retired 6 years ago. After menopause, I started gaining and went up to 120 lbs at one point. So did my blood pressure, cholesterol and even mild glucose elevation of 102 (fasting). I developed the "menopot", going from a 25 inch waist to a 28. And then, feeling tired, no sex drive and poor concentration. I knew these were big warning signs so I started changing my diet, cutting out refined sugar, white flour and too many carbs. I still ate a lot of dried fruit, nuts, avocado, low fat dairy and cheeses and meats like chicken. I kept up my regular 4 day a week ballroom dancing and 1 hour of ballet. I did not lose any weight or inches. Last year in November, I read an article about CR and put myself on 900-1000 calories/day for 2 months. I ate only berries, almond milk, beans, green, yellow and purple vegetables, fish and nuts, making sure I stayed between 900-1000 calories. My results were astonishing! My blood pressure dropped from 140/92 to 117/76, my weight went from 120 to 110, my belly was almost flat, I stopped wanting naps in the afternoon, my skin became radiant and my thinking and memory became crystal clear. Over these past few weeks of being a home body from the Covid19 lockdown, I let sugar and too many calories sneak in. I stopped counting. 2 days ago, I made a fresh start and started CR again. I hope to get back to my healthy state and hopefully achieve my weight and measurement goals. My friends are worried about me becoming "anorexic" but , I know better and do not have the symptoms. I am doing this for health, vitality, longevity and yes...a little bit of vanity too. One more note: my father, who is 90 years old has been CR'ing for years. He lives on a diet of vegetables, fish or chicken once a day, fruit and very little carbs. He is energetic, vital and well...let's just say, "frisky" for his age. Looking forward to hearing from others with encouragement, suggestions and reading more stories of success.