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    Hungry at night problem

    Thank you everyone. I am new to 16 ; 8 intermittent fasting. I am wondering do you guys eat say the 2 meals at the same time everyday? I have not been able to do that yet. I am more of less only eating two meals a day, but there are days that I give into the cravings and indulge in some late evening snacking or even worse some take-out food. and I have noticed that overall it makes my next few days very difficult. I get super hungry with heartburn and despite drinking fresh lemon+water to neutralize the stomach acid, I continue to get the stomach grumblings. I also get hungry early in the morning sometimes and later in the evening And it is not mental hunger, it is real stomach growling hunger. So there is likely a disturbance in the circadian stomach cycle? What strategies have others used to overcome this? Thank you