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  1. cronandnoots

    sex-restriction and longevity

    My take on this is simple. Moderate orgasm in a way similar to calorie restriction. About 50 to 70% of 'ad libidum'. Never exceeding one in a day, and at most 4 of 7 days of the week. Ideally spread out for recovery time.
  2. Hi all, I am a long time lurker finally made an account to post about something that interests me which I don't see discussed here very often. A theory as to why CR works to promote longevity is that it takes us from a 'reproductive mode' to a 'repair existing tissue' mode. It has also been found historically that eunuchs live much longer lives than even the emperor's and kings that they served. I find explicit research on this relationship to be lacking so I figured I would pose the question to you all here. What are your views on sexual activity and longevity? I personally tend to think there is a happy medium where you are active enough to prevent certain cancers but not active enough that it is overly taxing to the body. I think it would make sense that abstinence would be similar to other hormetic response curves we see with other mild stressors. Please feel free to post whatever studies you think are relevant to this topic. I would like to make this thread a hub for this general discussion about the relationship between sexual activity and longevity.