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  1. Mike Lustgarten

    How would you optimize this diet?

    The CBC + CRP, which allows for calculation of biological age would be a good start...
  2. After going on Joe Rogan's podcast, Paul Saladino, MD, posted his show notes, which included his blood test results. Based on that data, is his biological age optimal while on a carnivore diet?
  3. Mike Lustgarten

    How would you optimize this diet?

    Trying to optimize your diet based on the published data is obviously better than doing nothing, but a higher level is blood testing to see how it individually affects you. Do you have recent blood test results?
  4. 11 epigenetic clocks have been published since 2011, but which is best for predicting aging and age-related disease? In this video, I present findings from a recent publication, "Underlying features of epigenetic aging clocks in vitro and in vivo", that compared data for 11 epigenetic clocks, and derived a new epigenetic clock, the meta-clock.
  5. Based on the data for raw cashews and sunflower seeds for CML content, I'd expect raw walnuts to be lower when compared with roasted.
  6. Cooking foods at temperatures higher than boiling produces advanced glycation end (AGE) products, which induce insulin resistance and inflammation, and shorten lifespan in mice. Similar data exists in humans for the effect of AGE products on insulin resistance and inflammation, and a higher dietary AGE product intake is associated with cancer in both men and women. Accordingly, reducing dietary AGE product intake may be an important strategy for improving health and increasing lifespan in people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gKFWBTpXWE&feature=youtu.be
  7. Germ-free mice (animals don't have a microbiome) live longer than microbiome-containing mice, but it's impractical for people to live in a bubble for their entire lifespan. As a more practical approach, which microbiome-derived factors impact lifespan, and can they be modified?
  8. Maximal lifespan in calorie restricted (CR) mice can range from 45 - 55 months. In this video, I present data for 3 studies on rapamycin-can it beat CR for maximal lifespan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgXz4Z7Qn9M&feature=emb_title