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  1. Capitao Nascimento

    Evaluate my and my cousin's CR

    Evaluate my and my cousin's CR My cousin is in mild, severe or moderate CR he has 1.83 and 64.1 kg and I have 1.80 and 58 kg I have lost 17 since December and what is my degree of CR?
  2. Capitao Nascimento

    Beer is better than wine?

    https://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2018/02/craft-beer-is-better-for-you-than-wine-according-to-experts/#:~:text=Sipping on a pint of,for you than initially thought.
  3. Capitao Nascimento

    First Week Of CRON

    You want to reach how many kg I want to reach 60 kg or a little less with 1.80 if you like tv you can reduce the weight even when you want to do a yo-yo effect until you are as low or as low as you can get be the oldest man in the world for a while) if you get 4% -5% fat on the DEXA scan go up to 17-18% then drop to 4-5% and keep doing it until you reach a minimum weight so you will live much longer that the CRONIES of this site, if the muscle reaches 4-5% do weight training or some effort.
  4. Capitao Nascimento

    34 years is late to start CR?

    What should I do then? My cholesterol is 203 and the normal is up to 190 I think that with CRON it would reach about 150-160
  5. Capitao Nascimento

    Severe CR add several years of life?

    I think so, just do not zero out the fat and muscle in my opinion, there are articles that say that anorexics produce SIRT 1 and also the accordion effect loses muscle mass, which will take you if you do weight training only when it reaches a very low rate like 4-6% muscle requires some effort to regain muscle mass. If you have money use DEXA the fat is the same if it reaches 4-6% you must gain weight until you get about 17-18% fat and then come back to 4-6% to get smaller and smaller. https://www.runnersworld.com/news/a28171425/yo-yo-dieting-reduce-muscle-strength/#:~:text=People%20who%20yo%2Dyo%20diet,dieting%2C%20according%20to% 20the% 20study. And i've read that anorexic people are addictive to SIRT1. [2] An important detail about SIRT1. [1]: https://www.jneurosci.org/content/40/11/2332 [2]: https://rdcu.be/cbYxN
  6. Capitao Nascimento

    Cake fit for human consumption

    This is my first birthday without cake due to CRON, before I used to drink alcohol only in the new year now I drink 1 150 ml glass every day from today on a 10% colonial wine as soon as I finish my college I will buy a wine expensive with 6 mg of resveratriol, i really wanted to get into a severe CR like the two 19 year old users that i suspect are the same or equal Michael Rae and Khurram Hashimi. In the opinion of some, a fit cake would remove it from the CRON and leave it in a strict CR but without the same CRON as the 19 year old user. I think that if these two users are not the same the new one will live longer.
  7. Capitao Nascimento

    34 years is late to start CR?

  8. Capitao Nascimento

    How old i look like?

  9. Capitao Nascimento

    Capitao Moderate CR

    I am starting with 1800 calories I think this is a moderate CR for a sedentary 1.80 I think I will reach 63 kg or 65 kg and I will live 95 years or 98. Today is my 35th birthday. I started CR on this date as it is the day I managed to do it. My food will be today
  10. Capitao Nascimento

    What do you think of severe CRONIES?

    I never wanted to be a severe CRONIE but I have read articles by Fernando Gabriel that 16-17 BMI, Michael Rae 15-16 and Khurram Hassimi who was 15.5-16.5. Khurram Hashimi eats about 1400 calories, Michael Rae 1800-1900 and Fernando Gabriel 1500-1700 How long do you think they will live, Michael Rae is Vegan, Fernando Gabriel drinks little alcohol and does not smoke but is omnivorous and Khurram Hashimi likes Coffee Fernando started CR at 17 or 18 years Michael at 28 or 30 years old, and Khurram at 32, I think Fernando may still be the oldest man in the world, and Khurram reach 105-110 and Michael 108-113 .
  11. Capitao Nascimento

    Conrad Roland, Hawaiian member self-treating melanoma

    Steve Jobs died at a very young age 56 years and less than 90 for a CRONIE I think little but if you start after 70 you will have a good chance of dying before that about 40-50%.
  12. Capitao Nascimento

    34 years is late to start CR?

    Do you have severe or moderate or light CR? How many calories do you eat? For a 1.80 man would a 1600 CR be severe?I am sedentary.
  13. Capitao Nascimento

    Are Paul Mcglothin, Dave Fisher and Joseph Cordell in a light CR?

    Yes, but everyone has a similar chance of reaching 100 years because Joe Cordell is 58 kg and Paul Mcglothin 60 kg and Dave Fisher 67 kg and McGlothin started with 45 Dave with 31 and Joe Cordell 44 I believe Joe Cordell lives 91 and Paul Mcglothin 90 and Dave Fisher 92
  14. Capitao Nascimento

    34 years is late to start CR?

    How much do I need to reach 60 kg I think 1600 calories because I'm 34 years and 11 months old and my metabolism is much slower than when I was 18 when I became an adult before I ate 600 calorie dishes for lunch and 600 calorie dinner + a can of non-alcoholic beer of about 90 calories and a breakfast of 1100 calories with 75 kg always wanted to keep the same weight to avoid obesity in old age now i am 35 years old and i am looking younger than my friends who won 5 or 10 kg. Now I want an even better result, I never understood about calories but I think the maximum for a man without CRON is 2500 and with CRON 1800 calories and I eat about 2100 calories today.
  15. Capitao Nascimento

    Is that CRON or not?

    Is that CRON or not? 300 ml of vegan wine every day 1 slice of whole grain bread with 50 grams of sardines 1 banana 2 tablespoons of olive oil per day 1 can of non-alcoholic beer 2 liters of water 1cup of milk half an avocado 1 slice of whole grain bread Will I die if I do that, I never counted calories I have no idea how much it would give but I think it would be 1200-1500. I never drank wine but would that make me an alcoholic?