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    Nutritionally complete meal?

    Hey guys, one interesting tip (I think) - try: - Eat nutbread (400g?) - kale (300g?) - little of animalproducts/fish (100g all together)or supplements as a vegan/vegetarian. You should get almost everything in cronometer. Best regards
  2. Hi guys, I'm new here but I'm not new here. It's my first post and my sign in is fresh but I was following this forum couple of years now. I'm reading many threads from you about so many things as cold exposure, cr, training, healthy (mostly vegan) diet(s). On some answers I realize you do it for a fit body and mind, some do it for longevity but/and many of you/us are also doing it to not get an serious illness - I hope I summarized it right? I can image some of you was/is already ill - but also for you my question remains. What have you /what would you do if it's serious / gets serious. The reason I'm asking for cancer is because I think for cardiovascular deseases there is more official research for what is good for you and what not. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm very exited to hear what your answers are... Best regards cTpa
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    Post a picture of what you just ate

    Freestyle Salats and Borschtsch.
  4. So, as I already mentioned I'm following this forum the last few years and I have noticed how fast many of you can recall old studies/articles/videos/etc. in fast-reply thread about topic X. I hope my question is not too much of a chitchat but - how do you organize your "digital brain"? I have a online-text file with all of my interests with all of the links/data and I organize myself with many tags --> with CTRL+F I'm recalling everything. Best regards cTpa
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    How do you organize yourself?

    Hi Dean, so does this mean you don't have any "filing" system for yourself and your (as an example) health links/articles/studies on your own? Thank you in advance. Best regards, cTpa
  6. cTpa

    Sci Fi Movie and Book Recommendations

    That is extremely sad to hear. The start (which is docummentary-like) is the reason not many people know about this genius art / work. I would highly recommend both of you to try to go through the start. I could imagine you will thank me for this 😉 Best regards cTpa
  7. cTpa

    Sci Fi Movie and Book Recommendations

    Hi guys, personally I'm not that of a big sci-fi fan - but I would like to tell you about an extremely interesting movie: District 9. I'm interested to hear if somebody of you knows it and how do you like it. Best regards cTpa
  8. Hi Drewab, thank you for your interesting addition. I was very hoping to get such information like yours. But a special thanks for your link. I'm very greatful to read such details and as your replier told you your personal "observations about calorie density and BMI" and the others are very interesting (for example stressing the body). I'm curious - do you think it's a good idea to change your lifestyle this way (seeing your loved ones each moment and not to go to work)? It's a topic I'm very curious. There are some information that dying poeple always decide to do that and are greatful for this decision, right? But doesn't that mean you are already deciding your loss against the situation? I know it doesn't - but I'm still curious about the psychological effect on ones health of this decision. I do not disagree (nor do I agree). I heard once about the spontaneous healing people (do you call it that way in english?) - they don't have many things in common but almost everybody had the following attitude: "i accept the diagnosis, but I don't agree on the outcome." - I think thats an interesting fact for the psychological (possible) effect, dont you think? Thank you again. Best cTpa
  9. Thank you mccoy. Is there something else you would change (or do, what you already do) except your diet?
  10. I agree - in most countries unfortunately. I thought the answer would be like yours in the crsociety.org forum but I wanted to ask directly. If any other additions would come, I would appreciate it (like fasting from Sibiriak). Thank you.
  11. Thank you for your additional links. That is very interesting esp. Valter Longo! Thank you, hopefully I'm not digging too deep in a private sector - I'm really interested in the decision making of ones own life. Your reference says it's a 15% 2-year-survival and as I can read out 6% for a 4 Year-period and if this ref is correct about 4% for a "whole" survival. If I read this, it means 15 of 100 so 1,5 of 10 so at least 1 of 6/7 people will live longer then 2 years (3x more then average), 1 out of 17 will live longer then 4 years (6x longer) and 1 of 25 will survive. That's a reason/chance to try it more drastical? But I appreciate your answer and thank you for your time. Best cTpa
  12. Hi Dean, thank you for your answer. One of my young clients (Young female) has this situation. In the past there were several situations where I witnessed different reactions. I was shocked how less people do on their own and how much they rely (only!) On their personal doctor. And if you know the medicine principles you know it's going just by the book. I'm not saying that is bad but for a own life I'm surprised that this is enough for most of the people. You were mentioning your son - I understand the decision completely. But would you do the same for yourself? I mean lifequality "over" surviving-chances? I know you can't put it that way, I suppose you have done a good balance between this two but as I can read out with more weight to the life quality side. What would it be for yourself - your own life? Thanks. Best