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  1. jbbarea

    Starting CR at 54

    Thanks for the advice folks.
  2. jbbarea

    Starting CR at 54

    Hello everyone! I joined this forum today and am very excited to find a group of folks working on something that I have been doing on my own with no direction. Read a few articles about calorie restriction and started CR about 2 months ago. I started at 5'8, 200 pounds and am currently at 186. Checked BMR and am around 21% which is pretty good for my age. Here is my quesion: I started the first month at 1300 calories per day which was pretty low, but actually managable even though I do 30 minutes of varied workouts a day. Found that increasing to 1500 (max) worked better and still losing weight about 1 pound or more per week. Can I maintain at 1500? I've done it in the past for as long as a year or two (when I was younger). Anyone else of my size and age have similar experiences? I'm trying to nail down my maintenance calories for the long term. Thank you!