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  1. drts69

    Wish to start CR at52

    Thank you both very much!
  2. drts69

    Wish to start CR at52

    Dear Mccoy, I truly thank you very much!
  3. drts69

    Wish to start CR at52

    Good morning, I am actually 1m72cm for 76 kilograms, almost 52 years, after a CR program of 2000 calories that I followed for 3 years (I was 109 kilograms) because of a very high blood pressure I had presented (190/120), but now after the weight loss everything OK! I wanted to know if it should be ok to start a CR program at 1800 calories according to your experience. For my height until which amounts of kilos and BMI (actual BMI25.7) do you think I could go? I also take half SOLGAR VM2000 per day as well as a teaspoon of cod liver oil per day for eventual vitamin needs, do you think it should be ok? Thanks for any answer!