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  1. Figaro14

    Hello everyone!

    I agree. I just do keto for loosing weight. It's easier to do several weeks of fasting interrupted by keto friendly meals instead of going in and out of full ketosis all the time. To be able to exercise better I quit keto now and am back to eating carbs again. In a few months I might do another week or two of keto and fasting. If still needed at all. I wouldn't do a ketogenic diet all day every day. Back on the good carbs. ;)
  2. Figaro14

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for the reply Todd, I was just thinking about the same today. I am not so much worried about lean mass loss (nothing to loose really - which kinda IS the problem concerning my posture and general strength), but general fitness. I think you are right in concentrating a little bit more on increasing my ratio of lean muscle mass to fat. I tried doing pilates and calesthenics today, but it's not really happening because of the lack of glucose in the muscles. So I will do go down in overall weight in several steps now. I will include some carbs now and keep the maintenance calories for my current weight and start incorporating some more strength exercises. And in 2-3 months maybe I fast for another 7-10 days, and just keep that principle rolling until I hit my goal.
  3. Figaro14

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, I am new to the Forum. 👋 I have a general interest in nutrition, and so I have tried many ways of eating out of curiosity and like to keep up with the newest science on longevity etc. I (male, 33 yo) am 196 cm, 87 kg right now. I was 97,5 kg 20 days ago when I started to shed some fat. 105 kg in January still. I let myself go a bit. I am the definition of "skinny -fat". 😄 Currently, I am on a combination of keto and water fasting. I fast for a week then eat one meal and go for another week, then have a full keto-week with calories that match my current weight. Slightly reducing calories so I hit my weight goal in months and months is not my thing. So after basically two weeks of fasting I have this one week of normal calories to not slow down my metabolism so much and keep it relaxed, and then I do another two weeks. According to the information I gathered thus far I have a BMI of 18.5 at 71 kg, I remember this being my weight in high school(71 - 75 kg), when I was already as tall as I am now. I had a fast metabolism and never put on any weight or muscle, no matter the calories I ate. Before Uni I was then around 85 kg (which seems to actually be my "normal weight" if you will). So my goal is to get down to about 71 KG and then up again somewhere between 71 kg and 77 kg (BMI: 20) while also doing some exercise. In general I want to improve my nutrition from empty calories to more nutritious foods and healthier options, and I thought about giving the CRON-Diet a go while I am at it. If I stick with it longterm I don't know. Under no circumstances do I want to go up in bodyfat again and at the least stay lean all the time. We'll see. Oh yes, I'll do a mostly vegetarian diet plus fish, maybe some other animal proteins from time to time. As long as it fits the calories and nutrition requirements, I'll eat it. Unless processed garbage of course. I hope to share some experiences with you nice folks and talk all things related. What's your goal BMI/Bodyfat percentage? Or do you have a different way of approaching what you have in mind as your desired end goal that's to be maintained? All criticism, tips and tricks welcomed of course. Cheers! 😊