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  1. Some people... Thanks Mike for that summary.... the drop of mortality related to chocolate intake is surprisingly high.
  2. Saintor

    How much salt?

    Is there anything in a blood test that could suggest an high consumption of sodium? I have one this Tuesday...myfitnesspal says that today, my intake of sodium will be 3827mg (I just realized that 3500-4000mg is typical for me). My blood pressure is ok.
  3. Maybe a bit off-topic but related IMO. I am looking for data supporting that the upper limit of 200mg/dL TC recommendation might be still too high. The argument was about 1/3 of people who had a infarction also had their TC between 150-200. But the disease was almost inexistent for those with a TC less than 150. I remember having seen that more than 5 years ago, but for a reason I can't put my finger on it. Or maybe it wasn't founded.
  4. Right on. I would have a different story if it was about a virus like ebola but in this case, all those fallacies like the masks, social distancing & stay-at-home orders achieved nothing, incredibly counterproductive and created more chaos than needed, justifying an incessant string of abuses. I can tell you that the hospitals are overwhelmed year after year, covid or not, especially in vacation times. Find something else. According to the newly-radicalized, Sweden's excellent outcome should have never happened. Sweden is different from its immediate neighbors as it has way many more large & dense cities comparable to the ones found on the old continent, but their herd immunity strategy worked. Their average death rate has been almost 0 for almost two months... no resurgence of death rate unlike ultra-zealots countries like Japan and most of the western world! People who defend the masks refer often to Japan as the golden standard....wrong. Most of those countries with low death rate have one thing in common.... their citizens are rather in excellent physical shape. Covid attacked the populations that are the most out of shape. Even at that, Japan is not even in the top tier of countries with the least death per M, it is now ranked 81 of 223. Here, the YTD 2021 overall deaths (no matter the cause) is not only lower than their equivalent YTD 2020, but also lower than 2018 and 2019.... this comes from the very official The Institut de la statistique du Québec. Still they act like if it was totally the contrary. Then you have to figure out why people are still paid by our dear federal government TO NOT WORK until October, in a context that we are in a severe shortage of workers.... insanity.
  5. It is about time that we do like in Sweden. Let herd immunity win and not get insane about it. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/sweden-remove-most-remaining-pandemic-restrictions-this-month-2021-09-07/ I am sympathetic to vaccines (and an admirer of Salk in the 50s) but most people give them benefits that they don't have. They are mostly designed to protect the hosts, do very little for spreading. Now we see Israel as a top spot for new infections - they were the leaders in vaccination. https://nationalpost.com/news/world/israels-covid-19-surge-shows-the-world-whats-coming-next Even Palestine with 6x less vaccination has a better death rate, in an harsher environment. Aside of vaccines (I got my shots), for this virus I find most of the other measures (masks, social distancing BS, confinements ) hysterical, abusive and irrational. They made a very bad situation much worse.
  6. Saintor

    Are potatoes wrongly vilified?

    I think that, thanks to the low carb madness, they were vilified but this is less and less true. I eat my yellow potatoes cooked with my air fryer, often cut the French Fries style. I love them.
  7. Saintor

    What is your daily calorie target?

    5'10" 54yo 1500 'net' as recorded daily on myfitnesspal
  8. Saintor

    How many people are actively on a CR diet?

    OP, I learned about CR in 2009 when recommendation #1 against cancer was "Be as lean as you can without becoming underweight". Would not have been some stupid substance abuse, I would have done much better since then. With myfitnesspal, I now find it easy to reach my daily goal (1550 net calories) and I weight a lot of food, including peanut butter. I want to get and stay @ 9-10% body fat (currently at 15%, so not too far away). I have been near 240lbs 5'10" in the 2000s, so it is already a drastic improvement to me. It also got easier when I familiarized myself with plant-based diet (ref/Dr. Greger). I still eat animal proteins twice a week and I keep proteins very low.
  9. Impressive. I don''t understand how the KO mice were conditioned. In the video it says; "growth releasing hormone was knocked out" by the removal of a protein responsible for growth hormone. How was it done? What protein? I see a reference to "Nfe2l2 protein, mouse". Any equivalent for humans?