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  1. DeadStarsStillBurn

    Primary Care Provider reticent to order tests

    Why keep it out of one's medical record? Might it be used against you to deny claims or something? Or is this an "it can't really help and it might hurt" sort of thing? Either way, I will try the independent lab route, sounds like a plan. Thanks once again, Señor Pomerleau!
  2. DeadStarsStillBurn

    Primary Care Provider reticent to order tests

    So first some data on me: I will be 39 in mid September. I am a male-bodied person, Caucasian, 6'4". I was a rower in high school and college so I've done more running and oar-pulling than you can shake a stick at. Nevertheless, I gained a lot of weight out of college in part due to injury, in part due to a desk-jockey job, in part due to poverty. Point is, I maxed out at 355.6 pounds for an off-the-chart BMI of 43.3. Not ideal! I've been doing CRON and aiming to cut 2 pounds per week, the upward limit of what is safe and sane from my understanding. I have lost 57.2 pounds as of this writing which actually comes out to more like 4.8 pounds per week, but a big portion of that was initial weight loss that has tapered off to be more like a pound a week lately and I think that is generally an observable phenomenon in people with quite high BMI's who start a significant diet and lifestyle intervention, so I am not alarmed, especially given that my heart rate, blood pressure, level of energy, and general sense of well-being have all dramatically improved. Most recent blood pressure was 107/72 which is not setting any Guiness records for low BP, but compared to pre-CR levels of 128/90 is not too shabby. Furthermore, my father and mother are both obese folks, my mother more than my father, and I tend to take after my mother in terms of BMI and build. My father was, when I last spoke with him some years ago, pre-diabetic. My paternal grandfather developed diabetes and subsequently bilateral blindness from diabetic retinopathy. Given that I was (and still am) overweight for many years, I think it is reasonable to conclude that I am at a heightened risk for developing diabetes and other weight- and inflammation-based diseases. To that end, I'd like to get as much data as I can on my condition. I've spoken with my PCP and she is reticent to order additional tests for me such as IGF-1, liver and kidney panels, etc. Basically I gave her Luigi Fontana's list of routine medical tests and she wrote back to me "there is a phenomenon called VOMIT (Victim of Modern Imaging Technologies) that may be applicable here." I found that patronizing and dismissive and it kind of pissed me off, but I don't have an MD after my name (just a CMD). But I find doctors to be patronizing and dismissive in general. Do I have a *right* as a patient in the USA to demand a test be done on me? I hear all the time about how patients pressure their doctors into giving them medications they've seen advertised on the TV, and I have always wondered, "Who are these patients? My doctor won't even get me a damned blood panel without justification." Am I just failing to be assertive enough as a patient? Should I dig in and be a dick about it until she agrees to do these tests? Should I seek a different PCP? Is the consensus of the community that these tests don't really tell you that much that's useful anyway if you're already doing CR? If it's not a cross worth dying on, then fine, but if it's important healthcare information and my healthcare provider can't or won't provide it, I need to do something different, no? Thanks for your constructive feedback!
  3. DeadStarsStillBurn

    Sudden stop in weight loss

    EDIT: I originally thought you were responding to me when you were saying 1700kcal/day is not moderate, but realized now you were responding to Starlight who is about 5'10" and female-bodied. To be clear, are you saying that 1700kcal for someone their size is not hardcore enough or is too hardcore in your opinion? I.e. are you lionizing the 6'0" gentleman who is 15.6BMI or citing him as a cautionary tale of being too low on the BMI? Isn't going under 18BMI generally fraught with as many problems as going over 21? Fair points. I'm aiming for a BMI of 20 or so. I was of the impression that extremely low BMI's are not necessarily any more beneficial than just broadly being below 21 or so, but perhaps that is controversial and not fully and robustly attested in the scientific literature. I'm currently following Luigi Fontana's guidelines in his Path to Longevity book and have found good success, just frustrated with the plateauing. I'd like to get to goal weight, establish what I can eat without weight gain creep, and then just stick to it. Constantly adjusting for less and less weight is a pain, especially when trying to get a sufficient amount of protein for my larger size. And yea, I'm 6'4" and aiming for like 160-170lbs, thereabouts. I'm at 298.4 at the moment, so I've got a ways to go, but the overall trendline of my weight is downward, and prior to CRON I have never lost weight *and kept it off* for more than 6-8 weeks. It's been 4 months now and no yo-yoing. I enjoy the food I'm eating so I think as far as that is concerned I can do it sustainably. I do still have the drive and urge to eat more because the small amount of food feels pretty insubstantial, but I've taken to eating only 2 meals a day instead of 3 so as to make each individual meal bulkier. I will say that bulky salads are definitely more satiating, but often the flavor palette doesn't really quite hit the spot. I see Fontana waxing loquacious about adding olive oil to salads and all this nonsense, and then I look at the calorie count and roll my eyes because invariably adding olive oil or avocado or what have you pushes me over calorie limits for the day. Now granted, I am at a significant deficit in order to cut weight, but when I arrive at my goal weight, what I'm eating now is about what maintenance will be. Perhaps I will have less of a drive to eat more when I am a lower weight because I will have less adipose tissue messing with my hormonal hunger balance, here's hoping. Oh, and I am exercising, woo lad am I exercising. Getting up at 5:30am most days to either do a 5k run or row or hot yoga, then using the time I save not eating lunch to hit the employee gym at work and do some strength training 3-4 days a week. My partner and I typically exercise 7 days a week but have two days where all we do is either just a run or just yoga and nothing else. Again, following guidelines we've seen in Fontana and also broadly in CRON literature. I don't think anything we are doing is particularly unsustainable at the moment, but I get that the intermittent fasting thing could be, and I am thankful to you for bringing some of the possible ramifications to my knowledge. I think we will try it for a couple of weeks and see how we feel about it. If it seems to be a net stressor, we'll cut it out. If it seems like it's helping us, we will continue it and try to get a feel for how it's impacting our overall health.
  4. DeadStarsStillBurn

    Sudden stop in weight loss

    Oh gosh, you're so gracious to me, lovey. I really feel I couldn't be doing this without your help. Starlight is a burgeoning vegan CR dietician, actively pursuing licensure. I'm just a physicist trying to live well into the triple digits. Dean, thanks for your encouragement. You are worried you'll sully your rep as an ironclad calorie restrictor. To the contrary, your candor belies your confidence in your CR lifestyle interventions. Were you less certain of the track you were on, I suspect you would be more loath to give an honest rendering of your experience, or at least that appears to be the tendency in our admittedly not so great species.
  5. DeadStarsStillBurn

    Sudden stop in weight loss

    By the by, thank you for the encouragement. I'm down 56.8 pounds from 355.6 to around 298.8. I have found that I'm having a harder time not eating beyond the calorie limit imposed by strict calorie cutting in the Cronometer app, so I've been setting the app to about 20 pounds lighter weight, aiming to eat that lower amount and going 100-150 calories over which will still land me at significant calorie deficit. It scratches the transgressive "I just want a little more" itch without actually tanking my progress. Brains are weird and kind of bad at this sort of thing, but this hack works for mine decently. I'm frustrated because my weight bounces around and plateaus frequently, then I'll have a few days of really steady loss. I'm not doing anything differently between days. I think what it comes down to is getting up early in the morning to exercise means my elimination system is not quite ready to do its thing some mornings such that I may have a fluctuation of 0.5-1.5 pounds or so on any given day which makes it harder to see the downward trend of my weight because of the stochastic noise. Still, all things considered, I have had a profound change in the quality of my life. I ran a 5k for the first time in years over the weekend. Not an official one, just using the C25k app. The changes my partner and i have observed in both our lives since late May when we started this journey have inspired them to become a vegan dietician. I'm thankful to this new found knowledge of how to control my life more healthfully while also having a much smaller impact on the environment.
  6. DeadStarsStillBurn

    When determining protein intake, do I use my weight now or my goal weight?

    Hey, I just wanted to follow up on this. So I had down-regulated the amount of protein I was consuming to comply with Dr. Fontana's "more than 30g of protein in a meal is oxidised and not metabolized as protein" (I'm paraphrasing) comment in Path to Longevity. I found that my weight plateaued and then I started gaining slightly. Now that may have been a fluctuation/fluke, but if so it persisted for about a week and a half whereas I had been losing very consistently (the slope of my weight loss line is almost a perfect straight line outside of that anomalous period). I went back up to higher protein intake so as to achieve 95-100g of protein as a minimum (based on my weight) and *immediately* started losing weight again the very next morning at dry weigh-in. I've now come down around 3 pounds since that point. I wanted to leave this note for posterity in case anyone was feeling as discouraged and hopeless as I was for a bit there! The weight *will* come off if you follow the dietary guidelines of CR: it's physically (i.e. as in "the laws of physics", thermodynamics and all that) impossible for it not to at caloric deficit + exercise + nutritional sufficiency. So stick with it, realize weight may fluctuate, try upping protein consumption a bit during the period of loss, and look forward in hope to a slimmer, more long-living you! P.S. I'm down to 314.5 today. Goal weight is around 175-180. I've got a long row to hoe, but I'll get there. Big "I'm under 300 pounds" party at the end of the summer being celebrated by digging hugelkultur mounds and moving several tons of logs with hand tools for kicks and gardening. Hoowah!
  7. DeadStarsStillBurn

    Sudden stop in weight loss

    So I've been doing CR around 4 months and dropped about 39 pounds in that time. I am tracking intake with Cronometer. I have my activity listed as sedentary and am not tracking exercise so as to avoid eating back on calories I burn exercising. I am being really careful to get just about 100% of all my micros every day and am following a balance of macros laid out in one of Dean's posts, typically aiming for 100-120g protein. I am eating at a deficit of 998 calories per day which should least to 2lb/week loss. I'm exercising 5-6 days a week with a mix of running, Hatha yoga, and resistance/weight training. We eat home cooked meals each day that consist of whole foods, primarily fruits and vegetables, with a little bit of nuts and seeds for selenium, magnesium, etc. For the first 3.5 months I lost weight steadily and felt very encouraged as I'm someone who has never found success losing weight since adulthood. But the last 1-2 weeks I've plateaued and am now *gaining* around 0.1-0.2 pounds per day. The only thing I've been doing differently is eating *only* ~30g protein/meal. But this means I'm only getting 65-75g protein daily. I made the change because Fontana suggested that protein in excess of that is oxidized and contributes to ageing. Would cessation and then reversal of weight loss potentially result from lower protein intake even with calorie restriction and regular intense exercise? It just seems to violate the laws of physics from my perspective, and as a physicist that distresses me 😫 I just want to get back on track, lose some weight, and not die in my 60s. I'm pretty bummed out and depressed that this seems to have stalled on me after being so reliable for a while.
  8. Hi all! First of all, I am a strict ethical vegan, so please might I ask you to take that into consideration in any dietary advice you might elect to offer me in response to this post. Just to be clear, that means I will not, for ethical reasons, consume any animal products, no products manufactured or harvested with slave labor or other forms of manifest exploitation, and no products that are known to cause widescale ecological devastation (date palm oil, avocados, etc.). It makes things a tad challenging, but I find that part of feeling good means not knowingly doing evil stuff with respect to my caloric intake. I make no judgments about what other folks choose to consume. Thanks awfully for your consideration! <3 First time poster but have been doing CR for about 3 months now and am happy to say I've lost 35 pounds. I have a bunch more to lose to get down to a <21 BMI, but I'm making good progress at around 2 pounds per week (which is, as of this writing, the upward limit of what is a safe, sustainable pace based on my best understanding from reading several CR books both old and new). I'm currently working through Dr. Fontana's book "Path to Longevity" and he brings up the issue of protein consumption. He has several different bits of data about it: first he says that the FDA recommends 0.6g/kg of body weight or more to avoid deficiency. Then he says 0.83g/kg of body weight is what is optimal and sufficient for most people based on a European study and he indicates that this is what centenarian Okinawans typically eat. He then says later on that an optimal ratio of 1:10 for protein to carbs is best for longevity in a variety of mammals and suggested that Okinawans were eating about 9% of their calories from protein. So all of this leads me to do maths to see where I'm at. I'm using the CRONometer app and I"m using the macronutrient ratios of 24.5% protein to 43.5% net carb to 32% fat. I modified that slightly off of a post my partner showed me from CR Society, I think from one of Dean's dissertations/treatise which indicated that the aggregate mean ratios were something around that among CR Society folks polled. I tweaked the numbers slightly to get the total grams of protein required per day to display 1 gram per kilogram of my CURRENT weight. I am currently at 317.6 pounds which, at 38 years old and 6'4", is much too much for longevity and risk of disease and what have you, so I'm continuing to lose steadily. My goal weight is about 156-160 pounds which lands me at around 19-19.5 BMI or so. So what I'm wondering is: should I be looking to eat 0.83grams of protein per kilogram of my GOAL weight of 160pounds which is about 72.5kg and therefore about 60.2g of protein per day (which is handy because it's about 30g per meal since I only eat two meals a day and that's about the upper limit of what the human metabolism can usefully extract from a single meal, at least according to the references that Dr. Fontana cites). OR, should I instead be eating 0.83 grams per kilogram of my current weight of 317.6 pounds which is about 119.5g of protein? I know too much protein leads to oxidative stress, inflammation, and susceptibility to a host of diseases. I know too little leads to muscle wasting and metabolic insufficiencies. At around 120g of protein and only eating 2 meals a day, I would have to get about 60g per meal or have 30g per meal and two snacks where somehow I get an additional 30g per snack and do not get much else in the way of calories (not easy to do), and the difficulty of doing that strikes me as a likely indicator that it's too much protein. However, I do not want to make assumptions about this and go to lower protein and find that I become ill. I should note that in order to lose 2 pounds per week, I am eating at a 998 kcal deficit per day (some days a bit more if I just don't feel hungry and have less than or equal to about 150kcal left for the day). Typically I'll go a few days where I only lose 0.2 pounds or so, then have a day where I suddenly drop 1.5-2 pounds. I have at no point felt ill or weak or faint other than the first 2 or 3 days of CR where I think I was adjusting to the lower calorie intake. I think the removal of nearly 1k kcal from my diet makes the protein percentage be much higher (~25%) of my diet than if I were eating maintenance-levels of protein, in which case it would be closer to the 10%-ish level Fontana describes. Anyway, that's my question and the context in which it's being asked. Thank you for any insight you can share!