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    Methionine Restriction is Not Viable in Humans

    @Michael R You say a couple times that you believe that Met+Cys restriction through the use of medical foods such as Hominex-2 or XMET Maxamum would potentially be dangerous. Are there documented cases of such a diet having drawbacks (besides taste of course)? Or do you have some specific reasons for thinking it would be dangerous? I suppose there are unknowns because there aren't really large trials on people following a diet restricting methionine and cysteine, but I'm wondering if there are unknowns that we already have reason to believe could be dangerous, if that makes sense. Thomas Olsen et al. have done a pilot study with people on XMET XCYS Maxamaid for 7 days and they still had people on a diet of certain fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains. Of course, they ate less of them then they would without the supplemental protein drink, but it seems that you can get many micronutrients and beneficial compounds from plants without getting much methionine and cysteine as long as you're eating very low protein plants. There are also studies where chemo patients take Hominex-2 for extended periods (several months) without noticeable bad effects.