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  1. Wow - did you really just quote Alex Jones ???? SERIOUSLY ????? https://www.theparisreview.org/blog/2019/07/18/how-stanley-kubrick-staged-the-moon-landing-and-other-stories/ I suppose we didn't land on the moon either. Actually - this thread is too insane for comment.
  2. I just got my third shot and I'm damned happy I did. I missed out on injecting bleach and brushing with horse dewormer - just went with the 5.1B vaccine doses given to date.
  3. Leaving CR Society, not being a member of any group that allows such insanity as the idiot that posted about a ivermectin and was allowed to post such insanity.
  4. From everything I’ve read, including various meta data analysis for the Adventist and China studies, the mortality was directly proportionate to the amount of animal protein consumed. The BMI was also a direct result of the amount of animal protein. Thus, a low BMI but one based on animal protein won’t have a good long term prognosis. From longest lifespan to lowest vegan #1, vegetarian #2, pascaterian #3, Carnivores a dismal 4th. It will be interesting to see vegetarian studies based upon A2 milk / dairy as opposed to A1 casein.
  5. Many thanks. I’ll watch them. ive been CR for about 5 or 6 months .. dropped 60lb. I recently send spit and blood off to 2 epigenetic testing companies (trumelabs $99 and trudiagnostic $450). it will be interesting to see the results. Now that I’ve taken the baseline test, I’m taking resveritol and NMN .. which I intend to continue for 3 months and then get another baseline. assuming there is any valid basis to these epigenetic tests I’m expecting to see my biological age come back as 50 (hopefully) [im 63] I read recently that diet only plays a small in Epigenetics tests and that exercise is a bigger factor. I jog 35mi/week so should have both bases covered. I was disappointed that diet was minimally reflected in aging .. or at least epigenetic methy groups . the thought of having to jog 7mi/day for the rest of my life makes me think of Sean Ornish comments about living for a lot of years or feeling like I’ve been,living for a lot of years.
  6. JP223322

    CR longevity and exercise.

    Do triglyceride levels indicate CR ? .. from everything I’ve read triglycerides transport extra calories to cells. This, no extra calories, triglyceride levels should be low (mine have been at around 46 for 4 months since going fully WFPB). some studies say that exercise not CR reduces triglyceride levels. any wisdom ? are low triglyceride levels a good indicator of CR working ?
  7. JP223322

    Al's CR updates

    Very interesting. it would be best if you could reply with the URL’s from the studies. (IBooks import) after dropping 60lb in 6 months, I’ve friend my attention to longevity amd Epigenetics. Specifically using CR to trigger Apoptosis (re: Valta Longo). Seems to me that triglyceride levels should be a good indicator that the conditions are right for Apoptosis, if I’ve read the studies, Triglycerides increase if extra calories need to be transported to cells. Mine have been around 46 for 4 months (when I finally moved to a WFPB life style). Too many studies posted here .. the links would have been a better approach .. a case of “can’t see the wood for the trees”.
  8. JP223322

    CR longevity and exercise.

    Thank you. Is there some biological markers (in an easily available test) that will indicate if the body is recycling old cells and making new ones ? Almost like the Keto strips. It seems that as far as longevity goes CR can force cell recycling and should cancel be found signal the non cancer cells to “raise shields” so the chemo mostly kill the cancer ok … I read the threads. for me .. the WFPB means I can stuff my face and hardly get above 1500kcal. Then the 1000-1300kcal exercise drops the weight .. (which was my primary goal). I run 3.5 miles in the morning and 3.5 in the evening (too old to have the motivation to run a single 7). somehow it feels like cheering .. there should be pain with weight loss .. giving up bread, pizza, rice, pasta was inconvenient but a giant weight drop, then went chicken and steak (not at all difficult) then I was given (by my doctor .. like a commercial) “how not to die” and the full immersion into WFPB was complete .. quite gradual. yes … IGF-1 .. that’s on my list. I think my doctor is under the impression that more IGF-1 is better ., he tried to sell me injections. As far as I’m concerned higher off-1 just means cancer Many thanks for taking the time to reply. triglycerides … I guess that the CR main indicator …. I had forgotten .. triglycerides transport excess calories
  9. JP223322

    CR longevity and exercise.

    Sorry .. I just lied .. I’m in denial. When I went for the DEXA body scan and the VO2MAX test I was measured and I’ve lost an inch .. I’m now 5-9 which screwed up my BMI which in turn made be retarget from 155 to 150. Mentally I’m still 5-10
  10. JP223322

    CR longevity and exercise.

    I very much appreciate you taking the time to reply. the exercise equation is missing from every book I’ve read (Sinclair, Longo, Gundry).
  11. JP223322

    CR longevity and exercise.

    Yes, (unmedicated) 2014 TC 303, 5/2021 TC 146, 2014 trig 287, 5/2021 46 i had Boston heart tests 2014 And 2021 plus cholesterol tests every 2 weeks. all blood work perfect but I have no idea what to look for. I’m looking to make my body recycle old cells . the problem with WFPB is that it’s almost impossible to eat 1500kcal. my breakfast is a massive bowl of berries 780kcal. lunch apple / orange dinner typically 400 or 500 kcal (purple sweet potato plus legumes / broccoli) No oils. my goal is 150lb (I’m 5-10) then I suspect I will have a hard time maintaining 150lb. I have a SEVERLY dilated LA, due to years of high bp (dissection) now 112/72 unmedicated. a1c 4.6% .. historically never got above 5.6. im 63 and kinda “fell into” WFPB and from there longevity and that led to CR (and here). I recently did a VO2MAX test, got 48.2 which shocked me as I jog only zone 2. I’ve done an epigenetic baseline (waiting results) and now doing 3 months of resveritol and NMN (considering metformin but unsure) im only interested in cell recycling AND LONGEVITY. I suspected that I was CR but it’s hard to tell from the books if exercise counts in a net calorie formulation. I eat 10% fat, 10% protein, 80% complex carbs , no pasta, bread, rice, or potatoes (except sweet potatoes).
  12. I’m unsure of the real definition of CR. I Have been on a 7000 calorie deficit per week which has nicely translated to 10lb/month loss for 6 months (220 to 160). I exercise 900kcal each day , 7 Days / week. Im WFPB and never hungry. Am I CR if I’m not hungry ?? Does the calorie deficit of 1000day count if there are no hunger pains ?? i’m reading that for longevity / cancer prevention “hunger” is required, the question of exercise and hunger do not seem to be defined together . My RMR (measured) is 1565kcal if I’m lucky I consume 1500kcal and I burn about 1000kcal jogging 7mi/day plus “activity”. does this count as CR (with no hunger),