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  1. Deniz

    Is 15.5 Bmi too Dangerous ?

    When I do bodybuilding my kg was 70 I think be a commando in my military service. Cron diet is hard to be acceptable in patriarchal societies it's viewed as unmanly or childish. But who cares? People's pushing me out of the diet.ūüėā But if your main goal is to slow down the aging and increase health span and life span cron diet is a better way.
  2. Deniz

    Is 15.5 Bmi too Dangerous ?

    Thank you all for commenting, I think it's too much for me and not worth it. The physician I'm familiar with says, maybe you can lose some more weight and be free from compulsory military service, don't waste your time, etc. But we don't think that kind of low.
  3. Deniz

    Is 15.5 Bmi too Dangerous ?

    Thank you so much, for commenting.
  4. Deniz

    Is 15.5 Bmi too Dangerous ?

    Hi Everyone, My height is 162cm and my weight is 47kg. I feel great. But 3 years later, I need to drop 40.6kg or under 41kg(15.5-Bmi), ( just for 1 day. And only 3 days in 2 years. (Once a year). After that, I raise my BMI's healthy levels again. I see peoples on the internet with 15 BMI looks very skinny but not looking deadly or sick. I try to eat liver, sardines, lots of veggies, and add spleen to my diet because I fear low iron levels. I drop my weight so slowly and gain slowly again. Michael Rae is also low at 15.7 BMI but looks good. Are you ever try so low BMI levels? Is it very dangerous?
  5. I try lots of ground flaxseeds for 3 months for my curiosity about the effects of phytoestrogens. (This is my experience not claim anything) It messed me up, I lose muscle, oiling in my chest, my skin becomes much softer, my eyelashes and hair grow faster. Even I'm doing an exercise I can't stop oiling in the body and I quit. I think Moroccan tea is a better option if you want to suppress testosterone levels.
  6. The doctor in the hospital which I do a blood test, says your LDL is high. You must drop it. After that, I ask other doctors(profs) which I'm familiar they say nothing to worry about.
  7. I'm not a professional dietician or doctor but in my own experience(I tried both 1.5-year carnivore and 1.5-year vegan). If your goal is bodybuilding, extreme muscle mass, increase testosterone, etc. carnivore diet can be easier but it can cause high Mtor, igf-1 and probably age you faster. In my opinion, if you doing vegan you must do it perfectly, supplementing right and calculating risks. If you don't do it correctly it can cause severe malnutrition in the long term and can be aging you faster. The quality of food is also important. In my belief, if your goal retard aging vegan-heavy diet is a better option.
  8. Thank you so much, Dean, Yes, my all family members have high cholesterol. It can be genetic. My doctor tells me, try to be more active. I also try to drop a few lbs, eat a more vegan-heavy diet, and make more exercise. If they are don't work I try taking supplements.
  9. Hello everyone, I am on the Cron diet for nearly 1 year. I am also eating healthy for nearly 5 years and sometimes do cron but not regularly, I try a vegan diet before (18 months) but I gave up. I am 25 now. Peoples think I am 18-19 years old. My height is 5.4(162cm) and my weight is 108Ibs(49kg). My general nutrition came from the liver, sardines, broccoli, fruits, and vegetables. I'm not so much strict about them. I can't count my calories but watch my weight. I'm avoiding dairy, sugar, and trans fats. My blood pressure is 100/60. Today I take a blood test. But my total cholesterol is 234. LDL is 144 and HDL is 78. Trigiliseride 58. Vitamin B12 is 886. Nearly all others are in the normal range. Insulin in blood serum is 3. Glucose is 66. Calcium 10.1. HbA1c% 5.2. How can I lower my cholesterol levels? What do you suggest I do ? Sorry, I can't find a way to translate my results into English.