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    Requesting feedback on daily calorie target

    I would like to share some updates. First, I have been getting a lot out of The Path to Longevity recommended by mccoy. (Thanks again for the recommendation. I am deeply impressed by the breadth and research rigor of the book.) Second, increasing my daily kcal target to 1600 definitely slowed the weight loss I was experiencing but did not halt it. I am planning to increase my daily target to 1650 for this week and re-evaluate. My current plan is to keep nudging my daily kcal target up until I get my BMI back up above 18 and then hold for a while and re-evaluate. All the best to you all on your longevity/health/wellness adventures.
  2. jeyoor

    Requesting feedback on daily calorie target

    @AlanPater thank you for your feedback on testing for key minerals.
  3. jeyoor

    Requesting feedback on daily calorie target

    @mccoy, thank you for your feedback. I am checking Cronometer micronutrients regularly and appreciate your recommendation to continue to do so. I also appreciate your recommendations on a higher BMI, additional exercises, and increased BMI/caloric intake. I am excited to hear about The Path to Longevity by Luigi Fontana and look forward to reading it once I have the opportunity. All the best to you in your health and life.
  4. Hello, First and foremost *thank you* for creating and contributing to the amazing resources here. I recently increased my daily calorie target from around 1450 kcal to 1600 kcal. I am looking for feedback. See below for some additional details: Age bracket: 28-33 Height: 170 cm , just under 5 ft 7 in Weight: 114 lbs / 51.8 kg BMI: 17.9 Ancestry: Half South Indian and half North American Caucasian Diet: Vegan plus calorie restriction Daily calorie target: 1600 kcal Daily protein target: 55g Daily net carbs minimum target: 185g Current body fat from skinfold calipers: ~7% Cronometer Basal Metabolic Rate = 1431 kcal Cronometer Activity Level = Sedentary (BMR * 0.2) Cronometer Total Energy Burned (TDEE) = 1717 kcal + Exercise NOTE: I currently am not sure if my TDEE is accurate... I feel like this could move me from sedentary to lightly active. Common daily diet: Three or more cups of leafy green vegetables Half cup or more of fruit One or more cups of other vegetables One - two cups of black or pinto beans Tablespoon of flax seed One - three cups of oatmeal, rice, or barley B12 supplement (500 mcg) Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin D supplement Weekly exercise: Jog about 2 - 3 mi two or three times per week Stretches / yoga four times per week Twelve pushups twice a week I have purchased and read The Longevity Diet book by Brian Delaney and Lisa Walford. I started tracking calorie restriction via Cronometer around Dec 19. I weighed approx 123 lbs / 55.8 kg At this point I'm around 114 lbs / 51.8 kg My main question is, "What is an appropriate number of calories for me to eat daily to stay at a reasonable/healthy weight while still practicing calorie restriction and improving longevity?" I respect the fact that there is no easy/straightforward answer. It sounds like there may be a tradeoff with osteoporosis and other low body weight risks starting to express themselves below BMI of 15 or so. It seems like carrying a BMI above 21 starts to increase risk of aging, metabolic disease, etc. UPDATE: Found this helpful thread with a recent post of a Dr. Greger video from Dean Pomerleau Looks like there's quite a bit more for me to study and learn. I may need to update the paragraph below accordingly. I am now considering the possibility that my calorie target / weight target is too low. My instinct at this point is to attempt to keep my BMI between 16 and 18 and daily calorie intake around 1600 for about six months (or until mid to late June 2022) and then request bloodwork and labs to see if my biomarkers are indicating successful calorie restriction. I welcome your feedback. Thank you, Jeyan