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  1. Vishranth Rg

    Ideal strength to weight ratio for longevity

    I mean body weight exercises like pull ups, push ups McCoy xD. What is the ideal body weight exercise to measure strength to weight ratio?
  2. What do you folks think is a ideal measure of strength to weight exercises?
  3. Vishranth Rg

    Do I count as being on a CRON diet almost my entire life?

    Yay I started exercises along with calorie surplus to build some muscle. I hope to gain 8-10 kgs of muscle to reach a bmi of 20 maybe. After gaining considerable muscle mass I hope to maintain it with minimum required calories. Currently did a 1kg weight gain in less than a month xD.
  4. Vishranth Rg

    Do I count as being on a CRON diet almost my entire life?

    Hey Ron, I typically spend around 15 mins minimum at an uv index of not lower than 6 or 7 in a day currently as I live in 11°N latitude. I don't use sunscreen and am in type 4 of Fitzpatrick scale. I'm really scared of the uv index here as mostly goes to >8 on midday so I usually resort to supplements for currently to get vitamin d and avoid skin cancer xD. I also have high levels of billirubin at 1.22mg/ dl which is above normal range owo.But I do exercise fairly frequently usually body weight exercises 3* a week. In fact I exercised just one hour before the blood test in fasted state which is messed up ig. I'm kinda hit a plateau with muscle gains with body weight exercises. I currently do 20*piston squats on each leg. 50*dumbbell squats . 5*one arm push ups on both arm. 12 pull ups, 3 muscle ups and 6 dips. I am only 52 kg and 174 cm. Do you think I should probably start going to gym for weighted exercises? To probably reach 62 kg maybe so I can jump to a healthy bmi within my 20s..?
  5. Vishranth Rg

    Do I count as being on a CRON diet almost my entire life?

    Thanks for the tip xD. I'll note down the vegetables intake for the week and divide by 7 to add in the daily calculations for more accurate information. I forgot to mention that my vitamin d level of 21.8 ng/ml was before starting to supplement. I still don't have a test result after the start of supplementation and it's been a little bit over an year now since. I may soon get a blood test to update my supplement effectivity probably in early 2022. I don't know why I was vitamin d insufficient in spite of living in 11°N latitude but it seems like a majority of healthy living population in my region seem to be asymptomatic to any kind of vitamin d deficiency. It feels like a paradox where people living in equator have some of the highest level of deficiency.
  6. Vishranth Rg

    Do I count as being on a CRON diet almost my entire life?

    I thought those test results were approved by the physician xD
  7. Vishranth Rg

    Do I count as being on a CRON diet almost my entire life?

    Thank you❤ McCoy, I have decided to buy 5000IU vitamin d with 100mcg vitamin c chewable supplement. Currently my dietary vitamin c is at 50 mcg. So I decided on taking the supplement 2days once. What are your thoughts on dosage and frequency of the supplements I plan on following? Also I am confused in the Vitamin d3 per day quantities. Is 2500 IU per day sufficient? I forgot to mention other vegetables I consume with carrots every day as they are varied so maybe my intestinal bacteria does the job to give me vitamin k xD I'm eagerly looking forward to your reply. OwO ☺
  8. Vishranth Rg

    Do I count as being on a CRON diet almost my entire life?

    Hi Mccoy, Thanks for your reply xD. I'll link my recent blood and nutrition work below. Please feel free to address some healthy options. OwO I haven't mention the vegetables other than carrot🥕. Usually it's of onions garlic and beans or cabbage or beetroot or cauliflower or squash etc.., And also vitamin mk7 supplement 55mcg.
  9. Hi folks, I'm 20year old M medical student, who's 52 kgs and 174 cm for the past 5 years. I have never been above bmi >18.5 my whole life as far as I can remember. I ate a South Asian Indian cuisine for my entire life. I currently on a vegan one for 2 years and was vegetarian for 3 years prior to being vegan. I eat around 2000cal a day and fairly active with body weight exercises every day like sqauts pull ups and push ups. Please do feel to add a critique so I can improve further to maybe break the 120 xD