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    CR for elderly 80+

    For some weeks now my 80+ aged parents join me in a weekly 36h fast. Information on whether benefits outweigh possible adverse effects is ambiguous. Anybody care to share their view/knowledge?
  2. Guffer

    CR for elderly 80+

    Hi Saul, Thanks for that tip. Shows they're on the right track. Kind regards, Geoff.
  3. Guffer

    CR for elderly 80+

    Hi Dean, Thanks for sharing this interesting discussion. I'm looking forward to start reading it later today. Kind regards, Geoff.
  4. Guffer

    CR for elderly 80+

    Thank you, Saul, for your reply. Knowing my parents, they'll probably want to push through anyway. Could you perhaps point me towards some scientific literature to back up my argumentation? Kind regards, Geoff