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  1. Mary Robinson

    Study of Taiwanese Vegetarians vs. Omnivores

    The lower BMI and WC for the vegetarians imply a lower energy intake - so that is a confounder.
  2. Mary Robinson

    Does the Obesity Epidemic have a Mysterious Cause?

    I agree, Dean. I am old enough to remember what we ate and how large the portions were. All the snack foods and prepared foods were just not available. People do exercise more now, but the calorie intake more than offsets that. Restaurant portions are huge now compared to then. Those little children's hamburgers at McDonalds were the only hamburgers they sold when I was 10. Sure, my Dad ate 2, but that is still tiny compared to the mega-burgers people eat now.
  3. Mary Robinson

    Argument for Studying the Really Old

    The path from conception to adulthood is a carefully orchestrated symphony of gene expression changes. It appears to me that these transitions continue throughout our lives. For instance, the transition into menopause in women is generally timed to happen within a narrow range of ages - too narrow to be the result of "wear and tear". While damage seems to actually kill us, we also seem to turn off our repair functions as we age. Personally, I think the main cause of death is programmed in the genes. There is a species survival advantage to create continual replacements and kill off individuals over time. Minimally, this creates a constant adaptation to changing environments.
  4. Mary Robinson

    Usefulness of personal genomics

    I did the Pathway Fit test from Pathway genomics and I am finding their report to be very useful. It mostly confirms many of the results of my own self experimentation with diet contents and activity. The test is designed to give you very actionable recommendations about activity types and levels and dietary content. To give you some idea, the test tells me that I am inefficient at metabolizing many B vitamins, folate, C, and EPA/DHA. Replacing sat fat with poly is more beneficial than is typical. I might lose muscle mass from resistance training, but moderate endurance exercise is especially beneficial. I have a lot of negative markers related to cholesterol, but great insulin and glucose markers. I am lactose tolerant and a fast processor of caffeine and unlikely to have any negative side effects for caffeine.
  5. Mary Robinson

    Calorie Tracking Strategy (Survey Results)

    Hi, Dean and Brian. It's nice to catch up with people. Dean, I think you raise a very good point. Families can adapt to CR members not eating "with" them, as long as everyone keeps it positive. The CR practitioner could eat most of their food prior to the shared dinner and then eat a salad or other "normal", but low calorie, nutritious item with everyone for socializing. The positive atmosphere is really important to make it work. My kids are grown and it's usually just me and my husband. He's always been very supportive of my CR and interested in improving his own nutritional content. However, my mom lived with me for 3 years recently, and it was quite difficult to maintain CR with her around. She was constantly tempting me and basically trying to sabotage CR. She did not respect my decision to do CR and considered it silly. Similarly, my mother-in-law spent a year or so with us and was constantly making and eating desserts and other anti-CR foods, which she would leave out on the counter. She has dementia, and could not quite understand why I did not want to partake. By the end, I had somewhat devolved into barely CR, but healthy eating. Now that I have more control over my food environment again, I am back on track.
  6. Mary Robinson

    Calorie Tracking Strategy (Survey Results)

    New CR folk have to track and experiment, because they are still learning how to CR. Once people come up with some patterns that work, they tend to just repeat those. I love to cook, enjoy trying new recipes and adapting them, and really prefer my own cooking. I have been the primary family cook for most of my adult life. For me, cooking healthy food for my family is one of the ways I show them my love. Sharing the meal with them is important to me. So, dinners must vary enough to keep non-CR people happy. Meals other than dinner are something I prepare only for myself and tend to be repetitive and designed to give me a good foundation for the rest of the day. The family cooking role for women is one of the reasons I think women are under-represented in CR. It's hard to pull off CR when you are the mom - and even the wife.