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The CR Way: Using the Secrets of Calorie Restriction for a Longer, Healthier Life


Back when I was 200 pounds, 6 months after having my third child--I was shopping around for a diet book when I ran across 'Beyond The 120 Year Diet' the only known thing to extend human life. I read it, and re-read it, followed it to a tee and lost 85 pounds over the next 6 months. I felt so good about my life, so healthy and full of energy, I wanted to share what I'd learned--I gave 10 copies out to my closest friends and family that Christmas. Sadly, I heard from many (those that told me) that it was 'too scientific', or 'too hard'. I had liked it, but understood it could be difficult to read. Some of those I loved, still were overweight like I had been and I didn't think they 'got the message' like I had--they'd not been inspired...


Now, 6 years later, a few more CR books have come and gone, this is the newest on the scene. It has all the same basic information in an easy to read format, but it has the updated science and even addresses some new research such as intermittent fasting--but it is all presented in a simple to 'digest' manner :-). The authors do not present one narrow path of how to do calorie restriction, instead they give many routes to the same longevity benefits. The book is a smorgasbord for people who are at different commitment levels to CR, you can do it as in depth or as lightly as you want. The authors give you the information to do CR on a busy lifestyle. This year I have a new book to share, to inspire my friends and family. This is the first book since 'Beyond The 120 Year Diet' that I can confidently give as a present, and know it will educate in a gentle manner, and at the very least impart a heightened sense of awareness about the food my friends and family eat, so small steps can be taken for better health. I recommend this book to those interested in a diet that works, and becomes second nature for a healthier, longer life.


By Shannon Vyff

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