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Found 6 results

  1. The Observer

    Motivation for Practicing CR?

    [Admin Note: Observer (the OP) and others - I apologize for moving this post around. After (nearly) completing a long response, I realize just how interesting Observer's questions are, and how they deserve their own thread in the CR Practice Forum. Thanks Observer! I'll be posting a detailed response shortly. - Dean] Great, now you guys somewhat discouraged me in throughout this thread. Just when I was getting a little bit more serious about starting a proper CR regime, after ~10 years of hesitation. But now you convinced me CR probably doesn't do much for us humans, compared to just eating/exercising healthy and staying slim. I am currently on some mild-CR plan with one 24-hour fast every week and my BMI is 21.5. Was planning on lowering it down do 19-20, but now I don't see a reason for doing it anymore. :( Before I believed I would gain at least 5-8 additional years, especially because of my own anecdotal evidence. I am somewhat a unique human specieman in that I was basically on CR for most of my life, unknowingly.. I simply rejected food, never liked sweets and was always semi-anorexic. As a result (I guess) I was developing slower as a child and always looked much younger than my peers. Even now in my late 30's people think I look 25-30 and I do agree my biological age must be closer to 30. Then again, what do I know? Now reading your posts Dean, you seem like a reasonable individual and you convinced me that we probably cannot gain more than ~2 years through CR and possibly even shorten our lifespan.. So the obvious question is, why do you - and others - even continue practicing it? Why not simply live healthy lives? I'm thinking perhaps I should only concentrate on fasting and autophagy that comes with it? What are your thoughts on that Dean, if you don't mind answering?
  2. There is a growing number of "Citizen Science" Surveys of CR members we've conducted, scattered around the forums. I'm creating this thread to serve as a centralized resource for links to the surveys themselves, and to discussions of their results. If you haven't taken the surveys already, you are welcome to follow the links and fill them out. Note: This is not intended to be a thread for discussing the surveys or their results. There are links to such discussions along with each survey described below. --Dean
  3. Dean Pomerleau

    CR and Cold / Flu Survey Results

    Hey Everybody, The CR Cold & Flu survey has been active for about a week, and we got 14 responses, with no more coming in lately, so I figured I'd summarize the results. I've screen captured the entire results as an image below so you can see the details, but here are the highlights: We got half of our respondents from the CR Forums, and half from the Facebook CRS group. We got a pretty good split of genders (9 male / 5 female) A pretty wide distribution of ages and time practicing CR, with quite a few veterans. A good number of low-BMI, apparently serious CR practitioners, so it was a pretty good sample. 80% of people reported getting a single cold / flu or less per year on average. This seems a lot lower than the general population. Nearly 80% say they get fewer colds / flu now than they did before starting CR. 54% say they get colds / flu less frequently than others in their household. 85% said they have low or low-normal white blood cell counts. 57% percent never get the flu shot. Overall, I think this confirms our hypothesis - that CR folks have a less inflammable body (reflected in low WBC count), but if anything possess a more competent immune system, as reflected in contracting fewer colds and flu than before they started CR, than others in their household, and than is average in the general population. --Dean
  4. Dean Pomerleau

    CR Sleep Survey Results!

    Here are the results from the recent CR and Sleep Survey, as a follow-up to the General CR Survey conducted a couple weeks ago, whose results are available here. This time where were 20 respondents, with 70% men and 30% women. The age distribution was skewed much younger than the first survey. Here is the data (click to enlarge): There was also a greater proportion of people with higher BMIs this time: and with fewer years of CR under their belt, although we had a good contingent of veterans as well: Overall, CRers reported sleeping about 6.8 hours per night on average. Here is the distribution: Overall, CRers reported sleeping about 0.8 hours less per night on average since starting CR. Here is the distribution: CRers reported that by far the most common sleep problem was "early waking". Here is the distribution of sleep difficulties: Here are some interesting interactions between CR practices and sleep characteristics that showed up in the data. As usual, the numbers are small and so these should be taken as trends and with a grain of salt: While the number of reported nightly hours of sleep did not differ based on duration of CR, CR veterans (> 10 years) reported a greater reduction in sleep time than people who've been practicing less than 10 years (-0.91 vs. -0.21 hours, respectively). People who waited 2-4 hours between their last meal/snack and their bedtime reported less of a decrease in their time spent sleeping than either people who waited less than 2 hours, or greater than 4 hours before going to bed (-0.25 vs. -0.9 hours, respectively). So if you want to lose less sleep as a result of CR, it appears best to wait a moderate time between eating and going to sleep. The biggest impact on sleep seemed to be the result of BMI. People with a BMI less than 20 reported sleeping 40min less than those with a BMI > 20 (6.47 vs. 7.14 hours respectively). The skinnier folks also report that this was "too little" sleep more often than the heavier people (63% vs. 9%). In summary, it appears that CR tends to decrease the amount of time people sleep, with people practicing CR for more years, and more severe CR (as measured by BMI) tend to experience a greater decrease, and "early waking" seems to be the most common cause of this sleep reduction. Thanks to everyone who participated! --Dean
  5. Dean Pomerleau

    CR Survey Results

    The CR Survey was live for a little over a week, and no new responses have come in during the last couple days, so I figure it was time to summarize the results. In total, there were 16 complete responses (and one partially complete). Here are their main demographics: Gender: 100% male. Not too surprising, but disappointing nonetheless. :( Age: Pretty wide distribution, with peak in the 60-69 category (click on graphs to enlarge). Years on CR: Mostly veterans! Here is the distribution (sorry for the crude graph, it wasn't a question that SurveyMonkey would graph): < 1 Years: (2) **** 1-3 Years: (3) ****** 5-10 Years: (3) ****** 10-20 Years: (5) ********** 20+ Years: (3) ****** Eating Strategy: Almost 45% of respondents count calories pretty carefully. 30% eat about the same thing every day. BMI: We're a pretty slim bunch, with 65% of respondents with a BMI of less than 20. Weight Loss: Nearly 50% of respondents have lost 20-30 lbs since starting CR. Exercise Amount: Exercise amount varied widely. All but one respondent report doing at least an hour or two per week. Two to four hours was the most common response (30%) but with 25% reporting more than 10 hours per week of exercise. Exercise type varied a lot as well. Almost everyone said walking, followed by jogging (about half), resistance training (about half), aerobic machines (elliptical or biking, about 25%), and yoga/stretching (about 25%). Dietary Pattern: When respondents were asked to classify their diets (selecting all that apply), "Vegan" was the most common class selected (40%), followed by "High Carb / Low Fat" (30%). About 25% of respondents classified themselves as "omnivores". Nobody self-reported as eating "Paleo". Reasons for CR Practice: Interestingly, "healthspan" (just barely) beat out "longevity" as the most important reason for practicing CR, when a weighted average was taking for the rankings. "Disease avoidance" was a close third. Type of Info Wanted: When asked about what type of information / interaction they'd like to get from the CR Society and these forums, the most popular response was "Information about the Science of CR" followed by "CR Tips and Tricks" followed by "Non-CR Health Information / Discussions" and "Citizen Science Discussions". General Suggestions: Below are the (anonymized) "essay" answers provided by 11 respondents to the question of how to improve the forums and/or how to improve the way the CR Society serves its members. Quite a few good ideas! My sense from the above graph and the comments below is that there is enough interest in "Non-CR Health Information / Discussions" to have a separate forum for it, rather than lumping these discussions into "Chit Chat". Several people also mentioned "Citizen Science" as something they'd like the CR Society to pursue more actively. I still miss the spontaneity of the email lists ! (minus the never-ending boring comments of just a few (old) posters ...) I appreciate your efforts to blow life into the slow and stagnant CR Forums. I think they are doomed by their very nature and structure. But CR is (could be!) well and alive with practitioners and experimenters like you, and with researchers like Luigi. [Disparaging comment deleted]. We the long- term CR practitioners, especially those of us who are now in our 70s and 80s, could contribute so much (as they have done in the early years as Fontana cohorts) to the progress of CR !!! Looking forward to the results. I am a long-term CRONie and so have no interest in discussion of starting a CR diet, but it's obviously important to help new people. It seems to me that there are a lot of diet, excercise, supplement, and even drug issues that are ancillary to CR and not capture by "Discussions about health and longevity not necessarily related to CR:" I rank those at #5, and "Discussions about health and longevity not really related to CR" rather low. More emphasis should be placed on the CR's effects on cognition. For the group, I think improving the forums will come when we get more people to post! That will happen, as long as we welcome newcomers and keep the discussions alive and interesting! A) A separate forum for non-CR health issues with well-defined capitalized thread subject titles. B) A forum (member read-only) with brief summaries all the most critically important pieces of information (mostly PMID-referenced papers) about CR located in one place. C) Another (!) 'Forum' (member read-only) which would have a listing of all the studies that NEED TO BE DONE by scientists to help further our knowledge of how to live to 120 healthy. (I would make quite a few suggestions about some of the studies that, imo, should be in there. Its purpose would be as a place scientists could look for ideas about studies they might consider worth doing.) Perhaps the addition of a Forum that would parallel the old CRCOMM list. Perhaps also a vigorous mailing campaign to all members of the old CR mailing list, encouraging former List contributors to join the Forums. Also -- although I know it's a lot of work for David and Robert -- another meeting of the CR Society (the gap between the last and next meeting, I fear, will be 3 years). Free and open discussions because we are all here to "walk to the special beat of our own drum"... Each of us will decide for ourselves how to practice CRON, but we like to hear and consider the opinions of others who may have more science based knowledge than we do... We want to learn.. It's perfect without any possibility for improvement. But seriously, I do think forum expansion should happen slowly. Too often we add something like 'Recipes' and it gets no traffic. I'm not thrilled about the 'chit chat' name but that wasn't my call. Could be better labeled as it seems to confuse people who want health related, non-strictly-CR topics. I'm not sure if the members only (logged in users only) is that much helpful, but hard to say. I do wonder if as a general member benefit we ought to have rooms for paid supporters/voluntairs only and a lifetime room (or just combine them - basically a 'skin in the game room'). But I also feel traffic needs to grow for that to have appeal. I don't expect much from other CR people, but am interested in how the long-term people are doing, and any big news bearing on CR, fasting, or vegan diet. An example is evidence that vegans can't get B12 from tempeh. I dropped tempeh after that. Make it easier to send messages. Our personal test results would be a topic of interest to me. I'd really like the CR Society to sponsor and/or organize more research into the science & practice of human CR, perhaps through a citizen science initiative. Thanks again for everyone who responded! Overall I was a bit disappointed by the turnout (only 16 respondents), but its obvious from the results that we're a dedicated and committed bunch. I know Brian and the rest of the Board will be looking at these results carefully, and hopefully it will result in some new initiatives / activities. What does everyone else think of these results? Any surprises? I was most surprised about the high prevalence of vegans / vegetarians. --Dean
  6. Dean Pomerleau

    CR Survey!

    With Brian's blessing, I've created a short, anonymous survey (mostly multiple choice) to help gauge people's practice of CR, what you'd like to see more of on these forums, and any suggestions you have for the CR Society. It would be great if everyone who reads this would spend just a couple minutes to take the survey by clicking this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JTMLTWL I'll report back in a week or two after tallying the results. Thanks! --Dean