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Found 1 result

  1. I occasionally find a protein supplement useful on days when I'm not eating much if any meat, and I'm not eating many carbohydrates to add up protein from plants like legumes (high in lectins / protease inhibitors / saponins / phytates / anti-nutrients / etc.) It can be a convenient ingredient on days when I'm wishing to build or at least maintain muscle mass around aerobic and resistance exercise with minimal prep, and it seems to reduce hunger and post-prandial glucose excursions with slower carbohydrate absorption and a quicker or increased insulin response. Ideally, whole unprocessed foods would be superior, but I do feel like an occasional protein supplement does have some use for me on a calorie restricted nutrient-dense diet, and I do find them quite tasty and satisfying. That said... In the past, I've used Sun Warrior: Warrior Protein. It tastes pretty good, it looks quite clean, and the last time I had a box, the label listed 168mg of methionine + 179mg of cysteine in a 17g protein serving, against around 1.5g of lysine and other useful amino acids. Whey protein by contrast, I believe contains around 380mg of methionine in a similar serving size (with covalent bonded cysteine associated with increased glutathione synthesis and immune-boosting components.) Today at Whole Foods, I picked up a large box of SunWarrior Warrior protein, and didn't realize until I came home that they've switched up their formula -- the methionine content is now up around 447mg + 460mg cysteine, the lysine content has been cut in half, plus... they've replaced cranberries with Goji Berries (which tend to give me an upset stomach or nausea when I eat them fresh and raw, and seem to be quite moldy and rich in mycotoxins anytime I've tried to buy them dried from the grocery store.) I'm a little bummed that I didn't noticed there was anything different since I last picked up a box. There's no mention of a "new improved formula" on the box, although it looks like they dropped the word "Raw" from the labels. So, now I'm curious -- what's a good vegan protein powder that's low in metals / toxins with a nice flavor and amino acid profile?