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The CR Society Scientific Summit

Leading researchers of calorie restriction in humans and in nonhuman primates meet CR Society members


Dr. George Roth, a founder and investigator of the NIA study of calorie restriction in nonhuman primates and a member of the CR Society International Scientific Advisory Council asked the Society to support a calorie restriction scientific summit. Recognizing the value to Society members and the public, the Board agreed to host the Summit, immediately following the CR Society’s 8th Conference. Encouraging translation from science to practice, the Summit brought leaders in calorie restriction research from both the human and the nonhuman-primate fields together with CR Society members.





George Roth, Ph.D, GeroScience, Inc.; formerly with NIA

Don Ingram, Ph.D, CALERIE Study, Pennington Biomedical Research Center; formerly with the NIA

Roz Anderson, Ph.D, Department of Medicine, U of Wisconsin, formerly with (UW) Weindruch Lab

Joseph Dhahbi, MD, Ph.D, Biochemistry, Spindler Lab, U. of California, Riverside

Eric Ravussin, Ph.D, CALERIE Study, Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Stephen Spindler, Ph.D, College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Biochemistry, U. of California, Riverside


Members of the Society

Meredith Averill, Chairman of the Board

Brian Delaney, President

Paul McGlothin, Vice President Research

David Stern, Treasurer

Tim Calmeyn, Ph.D, Chief Information Officer

Robert Krikorian, Ph.D, Director

Nick Colby, Ph.D, Director Emeritus

Kenton Mullins, Member

Michael Rae, Member<td>


Dr. Roth, Dr. Ingram, Dr. Ravussin, Dr. Das, Dr. Anderson,

Dr. Dhahbi, Paul McGlothin, Meredith Averill, Michael Rae,

David Stern, Robert Krikorian, Nick Colby, Kenton Mullins



Day 1 of the Summit featured "state of the art" reports from the perspective of each scientist’s lab – followed by questions and answers, moderated by Dr. George Roth.


Day 2 consisted of brainstorming sessions, moderated by Dr. Don Ingram, another of the original primate study founders.


Purposes of the Summit



Summit discussions included consideration of how to define calorie restriction. Some felt that calorie restriction can be characterized by measuring weight loss and other resulting changes in clinical markers. Others suggested that bona fide calorie restriction must activate cell signaling associated with longevity. Dr. Stephen Spindler asked Paul McGlothin to write a paper explaining the latter position.


Future Communications


Addressing misinterpretations of the Wisconsin and NIA nonhuman primate studies, scientists from the two labs are collaborating on a joint paper. Their findings will be issued in a coordinated manner so that the media and the public will be accurately informed.


The CR Society will publish a copy of the abstract and invite comments from the study authors, to be published here.

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