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Found 2 results

  1. I expect by now we've all heard the news that beets and beet juice boost cardiovascular performance. I love beets, but for those who don't it appears you now have another, more palatable option - dark chocolate! This recent study [1] (popular press story) found in a randomized crossover design that daily consumption of dark chocolate (40g Dove Dark Chocolate, 50-60% cacao) for two weeks, but not the equivalent calories of white 'chocolate' <sic> (0% cacao), resulted in a 6% increase in VO2max relative to baseline in nine trained cyclists. These cyclists were able to cover 17 percent greater distance on average in a two minute maximum effort time trial relative to controls, but the effect wasn't statistically significant due to small sample size. It looks like the mechanism involved might be the same as beets - namely that the epicatechins in cacao increases nitric oxide levels in the blood, and boosting cardiovascular performance. --Dean ------------- [1] J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2015 Dec 15;12:47. doi: 10.1186/s12970-015-0106-7. eCollection 2015. Dark chocolate supplementation reduces the oxygen cost of moderate intensity cycling. Patel RK(1), Brouner J(1), Spendiff O(1). Free full text: http://jissn.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12970-015-0106-7 BACKGROUND: Dark chocolate (DC) is abundant in flavanols which have been reported to increase the bioavailability and bioactivity of nitric oxide (NO). Increasing NO bioavailability has often demonstrated reduced oxygen cost and performance enhancement during submaximal exercise. METHODS: Nine moderately-trained male participants volunteered to undertake baseline (BL) measurements that comprised a cycle V̇O(2max) test followed by cycling at 80% of their established gas exchange threshold (GET) for 20-min and then immediately followed by a two-minute time-trial (TT). Using a randomised crossover design participants performed two further trials, two weeks apart, with either 40 g of DC or white chocolate (WC) being consumed daily. Oxygen consumption, RER, heart rate and blood lactate (BLa) were measured during each trial. RESULTS: DC consumption increased GET and TT performance compared to both BL and WC (P < 0.05). DC consumption increased V̇O(2max) by 6% compared to BL (P < 0.05), but did not reach statistical significance compared to WC. There were no differences in the moderate-intensity cycling for V̇O₂, RER, BLa and heart rate between conditions, although, V̇O₂ and RER exhibited consistently lower trends following DC consumption compared to BL and WC, these did not reach statistical significance. CONCLUSION: Chronic supplementation with DC resulted in a higher GET and enhanced TT performance. Consequently, ingestion of DC reduced the oxygen cost of moderate intensity exercise and may be an effective ergogenic aid for short-duration moderate intensity exercise. PMCID: PMC4678700 PMID: 26674253
  2. Sthira

    My pee is red!

    And tonight in class we were doing pretty deep backbends in arm balances, and due to weakness from all my recent fasting, my practice has taken up the lazy. So ... After class my pee turned red. And I thought oh great, now what. Bloody something up in here. Oh then I remembered eating -- eating like 600g steamed beet leaves for lunch, and three large beet roots with olive oil -- delicious! The peculiar thing about this pink urine is I havent had beeturia before in my life, even though I've always been an enthusiastic beet chomper -- until recently -- all the fasting? Maybe I bumped out beet-breaking bacteria and now I'm bottoming brightly. I actually cannot wait to take a big horrible red dump!