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Found 2 results

  1. mccoy

    Frozen berries

    Hi all, I am aware that many of you guys are eating berries regularly, fresh and frozen. Now, recently I read about a batch of frozen berries contaminated by hepatitis virus. On the package they warn that the food must be cooked. I know though that most people consume them uncooked. Now I'd like to know how you guys tackle this particular issue since I just stopped eating frozen berries after having read the reports.
  2. Dean Pomerleau

    Time to Stock Up on Cranberries!

    All, I'll keep this brief: Cranberries are very healthy, and are thought to useful for preventing urinary tract infections, heart disease, cancer and even gum disease. Cranberries are nutrient dense, packed with phytochemicals and are only 25 calories per half cup serving, making them a very good CR food. Cranberries are pretty tart unsweetened, but I enjoy them a lot when mixed with other, sweeter berries. Cranberries are amazingly cheap as berries go. Right now they are available at Aldi's for $0.99 / lb. Cranberries freeze incredibly well - even better than blueberries due to their skins. Once thawed, you can barely tell the difference between fresh and previously frozen cranberries. Cranberries are only available for a brief period this time of year in the US, and only available as far as I've seen in fresh form - never frozen at other times of the year, at least in any of the grocery stores around me. So what are you waiting for?! Go out today and buy a bunch of cranberries and freeze them so you can enjoy them throughout the coming year! I just bought 10 lbs at Aldi's and will likely buy more after Thanksgiving when they might be even cheaper. --Dean