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Found 2 results

  1. Here is a new 20min video interview of Aubrey de Grey on Youtube in which he covers some interesting topics, including: The self-experimentation Liz Parrish from Bioviva has done to modify expression of genes telomerase & for preventing sarcopenia. Aubrey says there some evidence these modifications could be beneficial. But both have their potential downsides as well (e.g. cancer for telomerase). He admires Parrish for her boldness, and for bringing the possibility of genetic manipulation in humans for health / longevity to the public debate. But he worries that it will be very difficult to identify any measureable benefits that might result from these interventions, since Parrish is young and healthy The newly FDA-approved study of metaformin as a potential anti-aging drug. He is skeptical of CR mimetics like metaformin, due to his skepticism that CR will have much longevity benefit in long-lived species. He applauds the effort to study aging as a disease that can be treated, as this study attempts. CRISPR-cas9 gene editing technology He sees lots of potential for this technology to facilitate the kind of health / longevity interventions his SENS Foundation is investigating He doesn't see a lot of benefits/advantages (yet) for using the other recently publicized DNA technology, DNA_Origami, for drug delivery relative to other drug delivery methods. --Dean
  2. The blog Fight Aging! (which I highly recommend), has a nice, comprehensive year-in-review article on the progress made in 2015 towards defeating aging. It focuses a lot on progress made by the SENS Research Foundation projects, but also discusses commercial efforts like Human Longevity Inc and Calico, and the government sponsored longevity trial of metformin, along with research progress on clearing amyloid plaques for Alzheimer's disease, CRISPR technology for gene editing, cryonics, printing new organs, and more! Well worth a read for anyone interested in lifespan extension. P.S. Happy New Year! --Dean