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Found 1 result

  1. Arg.... Forum ate my post. Take 2. ---------- Dean, I have the same results as you, also on the 5th SNP, rs3751812! By the way, there's a much easier way to check status on any SNP than logging into 23andMe. Use SNPTips with FireFox. Yes, we learn a lot about the thin phenotype, but I think the real question is the effect on the possibility of benefitting from CR. CR might be easier for you and me, one might guess. I'd say almost the opposite: being thin is easier, but that's not the goal. Someone with the opposite genetic tendency might go from a BMI of 30 to a BMI of 22 or 21 on CR, benefit tremendously, not look scrawny -- maybe not have really low testosterone, etc. -- whereas we, on CR, go from a BMI of 22 or 23 to 18 or less, and maybe don't get as many CR benefits, and get a lot of the downsides. Maybe. Leanness per se confers some health benefits, according to some studies. But being in "survival mode", as you rightly have called it, might be the real goal. And we might not be able to be in extreme survival mode without being dangerously fat-less. Here's where a citizen science project might be very useful! Zeta
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