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Found 1 result

  1. mccoy

    Dr Joel Fuhrman's approach

    I've just read 'Superimmunity' by Dr Joel Fuhrman, a book suggested by Gordo. It is a very interesting and advised reading. surprisingly, Dr Fuhrman ignores the epicatechins from cocoa and the polyphenols from EVOO. Otherwise, there is lots of useful advice on immmunity- boosting foods. I'm also interested on his nutritarian approach. He proposes a pyramid whose base is vegetables, 30 to 60% of caloric intake. Now, we have a serious problem. Let's say we are all right with 30%. In my case, that's 705 kCal. I should be eating this daily to meet this first requirement: 2.5 kg of vegetables, I do not eat that much even when on Longo's FMD. This diet is unsustainable. 60% would mean 5 or more kg of vegetables daily. the diet of an horse. In my hypothetical case, startin from the minimum 30% of vegetables, I might add 30% fruit (5 apples and 5 oranges), 10% legumes, 20% nuts and seeds, 20% whole grains, 10% dairy. My daily menu would be the following. I'll never have such a hunger to eat all that bulk. I wonder what I 'm missing. Are those amounts in volume? But by reading the book I remember %s are in calories (I'll check). All in all, a very healthy, mostly plant-based diet, if you survive the heaps of vegetables. And half of'em should be raw...