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Found 1 result

  1. [Admin Note - This thread started with this post on the "Organ Donation" thread, where Thomas asked about aspirin in the context of kidney donation, where he said: One thing that I didn't know before, and that I would like to learn more about, is that people who donate a kidney can't take aspirin anymore. I wonder why that is. It also gives me pause since aspirin might be pretty beneficial. I don't currently take a baby aspirin, but after watching that interview with Judith Campisi I wonder if it could be useful to suppress low-grade inflammation. Lifelong aspirin supplementation as a means to extending life span. -DP] Thanks Dean. Do you think there is wisdom in regularly (or semi-regularly) taking a baby aspirin to suppress low-grade inflammation? I've just gotten started looking into it, and as usual, I feel like it is hard to keep perspective. As a layperson with limited time I can go down a rabbit hole and end up more confused than when I started. To some degree I feel like I need to rely on the general sense of a larger community of interested laypeople and experts. I'm not quite sure what that is in this case. Aspirin seems promising, but I'm wary of the side effects.