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Found 4 results

  1. Todd Allen


    A couple times while reading these forums I've come across this new to me word, "orthorexia". And I googled it and found this. http://www.orthorexia.com/ I expect almost everyone engaged in some form of CR or merely trying to improve health through diet will find something of interest at this website. I got some great laughs though I'm a bit dysfunctional and find it easier to laugh than to cry.
  2. OK - everyone has got to watch this tongue-in-cheek music video called Forever Young, produced by Humanity Death Watch (itself a very funny website). It is about immortality, the Singularity, Ray Kurzweil, and has cameos by the "big three" Anti-AI spokespeople (Hawking, Gates & Musk). Sthira, you are going to love this. It is without question the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time. If we can't laugh at ourselves, what's the point? Note - I've pasted the lyrics below the video for curmudgeons who don't have time to watch a 4min video. Enjoy! --Dean Produced by Humanity Death Watch Directed by Dorian & Weston Lyrics: Mr. Kurzweil please stay for a while. Singularity’s near, we’re only watching the clock. Hoping for the best but expecting robots Are they gonna kill us all or not? Don’t let me die young I want to live forever My body is fragile so replace it with metal. Living as a cyborg, I’ll be on a God-trip It’s all about transcendence. Our bodies and computers will be as one Superintelligence will be such fun! Thanks to our leader we’ll always be new with brains wired to self improve. Forever young I want to be forever young. With Ray I want to live forever Forever, and ever. Forever young I want to be forever young Yes I really want to live forever Forever young. Some are just downers, some refuse to see Some won’t transcend their biology. Sooner or later they all will be gone While my guy stays young. It’s so hard to get old, I’d rather not I’ll never perish with my nanobots Me and Ray we’re enlightened ones And we’ll evolve together. Uploading our consciousness before death Saved in the cloud to be born again. So many dreams comin’ out of the blue They all will come true! Forever young I want to be forever young. With Ray I’m gonna live forever Forever, and ever. Forever young I want to be forever young. Yes I really want to live forever Forever, and ever. Forever young I want to be forever young! I’m gonna sing this song forever! Written by Paul Babb Directed by Dorian & Weston Cinematography by Neil Lokken Animation & Models by Weston Getto Allen Art Assistants: Rebecca Cook, & Berenice Delfuego Suchilt Original Song Performed by Alphaville Parody Lyrics by Paul Babb & Dorian Electra Starring: Dorian Electra Featuring: Christopher Crawford & Montana Ridge
  3. All, I'm often critical in my posts about how badly the popular media butchers studies of diet, health and nutrition - and it often only becomes apparent how badly the media distorts and exaggerates research when you read the actual text of the study with a critical eye. For example, the bogus data low-fat gurus use to criticize olive oil. Even Dr. Greger, whose perspective and analysis I'm generally very impressed with, is guilty of spinning the evidence (also discussed here) in favor of a plant-based diet on occasion. That's why I was pleased and amused to see this new segment from late-night talk show host John Oliver in which he humorously tears to shreds the typical coverage we see of diet/nutrition/health studies in the mainstream media. It's a rather long segment (20min) embedded below, but I highly recommend it. If you're just in it for the laughs, I suggest jumping ahead to 15:45 (here is a direct link to that spot), featuring "TODD Talks - where the format of TED Talks meets the intellectual rigor of morning news shows". It is extremely amusing, while effectively driving home the point that you should believe very little of what you hear about "new research" on TV or via online news sources (except this one of course☺). --Dean
  4. Todd Allen

    Making dietary changes can be hard

    With increased exercise I've upped my calories and decided to include a small breakfast in my routine. Last night I took a large slightly over ripe pear, seeded it and dropped it into the blender with a teaspoon each of raw flax and chia seeds. This morning after completing my chores with the chickens and garden, feeling unusually hungry I came inside anticipating eating breakfast for the first time in weeks. My wife, finishing her breakfast looked up and said "You really need to keep better track of your stuff in the refrigerator. I found the grossest bowl of moldy applesauce and it nearly made me gag just running it down the disposal". After a moment she then asked, "I saw in the cabinet some chia and flax seeds. How are they"?