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Found 1 result

  1. Dean Pomerleau

    Best Running Footwear

    [Admin Note: I started this discussion on the Cool Tools thread, but it has expanded so I've created a thread to talk about running footwear] Tesla BK-30 Minimalist Running Shoes For anyone who'd love to buy a Tesla Model 3, but can't afford ~$35K and doesn't want to wait until 2018, you're in luck. You can pick up not one but two Teslas right now for only $29.98, and they are really fuel efficient - in fact they don't require any fuel at all, except fuel for your body! Of course I'm talking about the Tesla BK-30 Minimalist Running Shoes. First - some background. I run quite a bit: ~3-4 miles per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. And I swear by "barefoot" running with minimalist shoes for foot protection, not for support. I've been running this way for years, without injury. I've come to really dislike bulky, thick-soled running shoes. I a big believer in the Born to Run philosophy about running style and running footwear. It takes some getting used to, and you definitely need to ease into it if you've been a heel-striking runner all your life (like I was), but once you get used to it you'll never go back. Up until last fall, I was running exclusively in these Vibram Fivefingers - you know, the weird-looking toe shoes. I still run on my treadmill with them, when the weather outside is really inclement. But the downside of the Vibrams is that since your individual toes are housed separately, they get really cold when running in snow and ice. Plus, I have to acknowledge they look pretty goofy, and the toe separation doesn't really offer any advantage, as far as I can tell. So last winter I switched to the Tesla BK-30s, shown below (they also come in orange, purple and black). They are thin-soled, zero-drop, and extremely light - very much like the Vibrams but without the toe separation. They are almost equivalent to barefoot running but with enough protection to prevent injury if you step on something sharp - although it still hurts a bit if you step on a 1" diameter stone. I really like them for running - both on pavement & grass. I have a blue pair like the one shown above - on which I've installed a pair of yellow Xpand Lacing System shoelaces. The combination is terrific, both functionally, and the yellow matches perfectly, so they are even pretty stylish (although I admit I'm a pretty poor judge of such things...). I like these shoes so much that I just bought at second pair (in black) for wearing around everyday. For $29.98 you can't beat the price, and having run around 500 miles in them over the last six months, I can testify to their durability. I find they run true to size. I wear a size 8.5 in sneakers - that's the size I ordered and they fit perfectly. With these Tesla shoes parked on your feet, you'll be the envy of everyone in your neighborhood☺. --Dean