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Found 1 result

  1. sirtuin

    CR / IF + BCAAs (leucine) ?

    I'm curious what the group's opinion is on using supplemental branched chain amino acids (leucine in particular) to limit the catabolic effects that calorie restriction and fasting have on muscle tissue. With intermittent fasting / calorie restriction I believe growth hormone is elevated, which is itself implicated in certain cancers. I believe that the drop in mtor / igf-1 might provide some protection against this in the context of calorie / protein restriction. However, I'm not sure what the effect is when supplementing branched chain amino acids / leucine, which strongly activate mtor/igf-1, over the rise in growth hormone produced with CR / IF. Is supplementing BCAAs / Leucine a smart hack around the catabolic effect of CR / IF on muscle tissue, or does this negate the anti-aging benefits and introduce new risks?