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Found 1 result

  1. Al wrote, on the list: This is consistent with my own experience, which has always puzzled me: my postprandial glucose is always higher after my second meal (started 7 or so hours before bedtime, finished no later than 5 hours before bedtime) than after my first (until recently started upon getting up, which until recently was 6 hours after bedtime). Varying the size of first meal, amount of exercise before eating, etc., didn't make a difference. Exercise after the second meal knocked down blood glucose dramatically of course, but only while exercising, and for a surprisingly brief time after. Then it would shoot back up. (I believe Dean mentioned experiencing the same thging.) Eating very small dinners helps a bit, eating next to nothing at dinner of course made a difference, but otherwise it was clear that my body coulddn't knock down blood glucose as well later in my circadian cycle.