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Found 1 result

  1. I've been tinkering with cronometer and I simulated a vegetarian daily plan with the following targets: Healthy, at least 70% plant-based No supplements needed but ergocalciferol as unexpensive as possible Ω6/Ω3 ratio as low as possible As little food cooking as possible CR is not a priority because that would entail supplementation. By supplementation we can do just almost everything and of course vegan, which is going to be a successive scheme. It also depends on our daily needs, but the costs can be normalized to a benchmark, for example 2000 kCals. I came out with the following scheme, which is just about what I eat. Monetary value= 7 US$ The 'kefir' item is strained, home-made organic kefir, which gives the best quality bang for the buck as far as proteins go+K2 Swiss cheese is needed to reach the B12 RDA Any tips, suggestions, comments are welcome, it would be fun to compare proposals. Monetary value must be less than 10 US$