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Found 1 result

  1. brendanhill

    Is a bone density test worth the $$?

    Having crunched the numbers on my ovo-vegetarian calcium sources recently, I roughly estimate I have been getting < ~60% RDI, and I have been doing minimal weight bearing exercise. I read material (eg. https://www.crsociety.org/topic/11299-calcium-bone-health-fracture-risk) that calcium supplementation does not have a significant effect on bone health. Furthermore I am hesitant to supplement anything long term which I can't measure ("can't manage what you can't measure!!!1!"), and a yearly bone density test would leave me out of pocket ~$250 AUD p/a. That's affordable for me, but potentially a waste of money if the test does not inform my decision to supplement. I am interested in opinions on: - Is the bone density test worthwhile? - If it revealed any issues, would supplementation be a part of the solution worthwhile? - In general, how much do you spend (non-rebate) on medical tests each year to monitor your health? Alternatively: would it be prudent to ignore supplementing, RDI, and the bone density test, and simply increase my intake of plant based calcium sources + weight bearing exercise? Brendan