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Found 3 results

  1. No; not me. I'll be 83 in June; I continue to be fully employed in the Mathematics Dept. at the University of Rochester -- I'm the oldest faculty member in the math dept; I may or may not be the oldest fully employed faculty member at UR. I continue to do daily vigorous 36 minute exercises on one of the elliptical cross-trainers in my local gym. I don't feel like I'm in my 80's; I feel more like I'm in my 60's. This past Monday, on entering my gym, I ran into someone exiting who I hadn't seen for years. His name is Howie. He recognized me at once, and was smiling. He was an acquaintance of mine who I hadn't seen since well prior to the pandemic -- he had then been a nonagenarian. He looked pretty much the same as he had previously -- he is short, about my height and slender. The only noticable change in him was that he now held a cane. I told him, you must be a centenarian. He agreed, with a happy smile. I believe he exercises using the pool. He said that he'd received a tremendous reception at the pool. Nice to see. -- Saul
  2. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/worlds-oldest-person-dies-in-new-york-aged-116/article30008972/
  3. All, Here is a short video (1:30) and a longer one (13min) profiling a Ellsworth Wareham, 100-year vegan man who appears to be still going strong, both physically and mentally. He was a heart surgeon who didn't retire until 95. He is (not surprisingly) one of those long-lived, clean-living Seventh Day Adventists from Loma Linda California. He attributes his longevity to his low-fat vegan diet (which he adopted ~50 years ago) and his ability to avoid stress. His total cholesterol is 117, which he says makes him very unlikely to develop heart disease. He now sees it as his mission to educate people about preventative medicine. Here is his wikipedia page for more information. He is quite an inspiration and the kind of person I think CR practitioners should aspire too! --Dean