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Found 1 result

  1. Just bought 10 kg walnuts. After doing some research, I realize it's likely OK to freeze walnuts (though I still would like experimental confirmation that a phenomenon similar to the one Michael has noted takes place in olive oil -- damage via phase changes -- wouldn't occur [1]). But it seems particularly important that nuts, walnuts and all nuts, be kept as dry as possible, at whatever temperature they're kept. My plan: buy a bunch of silica gel cat litter, and toss in 50 or so g per kg of nuts in an air-tight container, then freeze. Cheap and effective! My question: Under the assumption that I always thoroughly rinse, and then soak, my nuts, can anyone think of a reason why this wouldn't be a good idea? Maybe a small amount of tiny grains would work their way into the nuts? But if it's pure silicon dioxide, shouldn't be a prob., right? Big "if", perhaps. If money weren't an object at all I would buy a bunch of desiccant packets, but why spend such a huge amount of money if cat litter would do the job perfectly! Thanks, Zeta P.S. I know I owe folks responses in many other threads. Suffering a bad combo of work overload plus sleep crisis. Not really human right now. [2] [1] http://arc.crsociety.org/read.php?2,209540,209583#msg-209583 (but archives still down...), also: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/jf051808b (cited by Michael in the above). "Phase change, wha? Walnuts are solid!" Right, thus "similar" phenomenon, not "same". But there are a bunch of oils in walnuts. They aren't solid. But, obviously, being partially "locked" in a matrix would limit problems with crystallization and such. [2] Would be eternally grateful if someone could provide suggestions (off-list) about how I could get either suvorexant or zaleplon (Sonata) in Europe. (FAQ: "But have you tried X for your sleep problems?" A: Yes, where X = everything imaginable aside from zaleplon or suvorexant.) I would of course never put this forum or community at risk by requesting advice on using the darknet or whatever... since that would be illegal, though that may be my only option. Well: Oil is so cheap ticket prices to the US are down to $400. Maybe there's a doctor in New York or Boston reading this who'd see me sort of cheaply and write me a prescription for both.