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Found 1 result

  1. Dean Pomerleau

    New Documentary Featuring CR

    [Admin Note: Over on the cold exposure thread, Gordo posted a link to a new documentary that features CR and two former leaders for the CR Society, Paul and Meredith McGlothin. It is of general interesting, so I figured I move my response to Gordo to a new thread that everyone might see. Ignore the first couple sentences about a paper related to cold exposure.] Gordo, Thanks for pointing us to the Ikeno paper, and Michael thanks for digging it up. It is extremely interesting as Michael indicates, and I'm in the midst of digesting/dissecting it now. I'll be posting about it in my next post, hopefully later today. But in the meantime, I'd just like to highlight what Gordo said in his post that others may have missed, namely: That was a fascinating BBC documentary. Thanks for pointing to it. The main character / narrator obviously had a perspective / agenda, and a story to tell about the benefits of moderation. But it was nevertheless a really interesting profile of several very immoderate, interesting and passionate people, a famous CR proponent (Paul M.), a Paleo Diet proponent (Mark Sisson), a pretty wacky but likeable raw Paleo person, who slaughters his own goats in his backyard and eats them raw, nose-to-tail. and a bunch of seemingly hippie-Iike fruitarians. He really did a hatchet job of Paul & CR, without being overtly mean about it, or questioning whether it will actually work to extend healthy lifespan. In fact, he seems to buy that it would, just that it's unliveable, a very common refrain. But you are right that Paul comes across as a bit of a nutjob and his practices & recommendations as equally bizarre. No criticism intended, but I think the portrayal wasn't all that inaccurate, or unfair. Paul does practice and recommend some pretty unusual diet and lifestyle habits. But that's par for the course around here ☺. The documentary is well worth watching for anyone unfamiliar with Paul, or with The CR WayTM way of living. It wasn't just Paul and CR who were portrayed in an unflattering light. The "fruitarians" weren't very happy with the way their segment was edited, as discussed in this response video by two of my favorite high carb, low fat vegans, Ryan and Angie from Happy Healthy Vegan, who were part of the filming but got cut: Unlike the narrator, I'm fine with going to extremes. In fact, for me life is all about pushing the envelope of human possibillity, and going out on a limb for a worthy or interesting cause. If life isn't a bold adventure, it's not really living. I agree with you though - given the evidence for modest (at best) human health & longevity benefits of cutting calories to the bone relative to a healthy, obesity-avoiding diet & lifestyle, I'm inclined to look beyond CR for new challenges and for new potential ways of extending healthy lifespan. As anyone whose been following this thread [the cold exposure thread] will know, my latest obsessive attempt in this direction is to combine cold exposure with copious low-intensity exercise and enough healthy calories to remain very thin but still feel energized, robust, vibrant and very alive. So far so good, but it is still early days... --Dean