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Found 1 result

  1. Zeta

    Elevated fasting glucose

    Hi everyone. I have a broad question, or a series of broad questions, connected with a complicated morass of health problems I've been having for the past few years. I'm still waiting to find the right way to "go public" with a bunch of my health info in order to groupsource my health problems. For now, one question that, without the broader context of everything else that's been happening to me, might be hard to answer, but to put the question in a context-free form: Could 5 g of glycine taken at bedtime, plus 4-5 g more taken in the middle of the night, usually around 3 hours before waking, have a measurable effect on waking fasting glucose? Some of the (complicated) background: I've been on moderate CR, fairly consistently, for over 20 years. I'm in my early 50s. My waking fasting glucose was routinely, with essentially no variation, around 70 mg/dL until a few years ago. Then I noticed, around three years ago, that it was between 75 and 80. Then, a year or so ago, it was routinely 85. Now I've noticed something weird. It's still around 85 when I wake, but then, even though I don't eat for several hours after waking, it goes up to around 90 as the first hour or two of the morning progresses. I've tested many times: the change is robust, even if the absolute numbers on my meter (Accu-Chek Compact Plus) might be off. Again, the very complicated background is probably needed here, but a short version: I think I started going through a very rapid manopause a few years ago (but I don't have a pre-manopause testosterone baseline, so I can't be certain) -- I noticed loss of hair on legs, reduced libido, etc. -- and I'm guessing the increase in morning glucose is related to that, and not to a switch from lowish fat to somewhat high fat (45-50% fat by calories, mostly nuts) diet that I made around that same time. Plus, I'm pretty sure that manopause and glucose changes started before the dietary changes. (I wish I had better records on that....) I also started getting much weaker physically around that time. Anyway, my narrower question: 9-10 g of protein isn't a tiny amount. Could this be contributing to the higher morning glucose, and to the weird continued increase in fasting glucose as the morning wears on? Or might it be fat from the previous evening's meal (even though my last meal is always finished at least 4 hours before going to bed)?? (I'm still learning about the effects of dietary fat on the liver, etc.) Thanks for any help. I'm starting to think I should be on metformin. Oh, another data point. I do my pre-breakfast 7-minute 3- or 4-interval workout a few hours after waking, then measure my fasting glucose, and the workout knocks it down from 90 to 87 or so. That's all! I would expect a bigger decrease.