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Found 1 result

  1. edmundsj

    Hello from a new member

    Hello from California! I'm Jordan, a Ph.D. student in electrical engineering at UC Berkeley. Also a bit (ok, more than a bit) of a health nerd. I recently found this forum from a paper I was reading (Most 2017, attached), which had a section on "CRONies". I was like "WOW! There are actually humans on the internet crazy enough to practice caloric restriction? How do I join?!". I've been interested in CR since I first heard about some of the 1950 studies in rats a few years ago, and over the last few years have been slowly improving my lifestyle via diet and exercise (I'm also a follower of Michael Greger's work, provides great evidence-based nutrition guidelines). My diet is now plant-based with relatively little meat (this from the starting point of an average of ~2 burgers/day a couple years ago), I'm meeting or close to meeting all the RDIs I have data for, and my BMI is now down to 24 from 27. More recently I started reviewing the CR literature in humans and primates and the evidence base is much larger than I had previously known. I've been hesitant to pull the CR trigger primarily because 1) It seems really really difficult (see CALERIE-1 and CALERIE-2 compliance, CALERIE-2 targeted 25% CR and by year 2 was down to ~9%) and 2) I'm moderately concerned about side-effects, including weakness, fatigue, and cold sensitivity. I'm fairly active and would like to stay that way, and not turn into a sedentary mole rat. Hoping to meet and get to know people also interested in CR, make some friends, and benefit from the practical wisdom of people who actually practice it. I'm open to suggestions about how to start and will be poking around the forum in the coming weeks. Nice to meet you all! Most_2017_Caloric-restriction-update.pdf Fontana_2014_Optimal-body-weight-caloric-restriction.pdf