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Found 1 result

  1. [Admin Note: New discussion area for LCHF (low carb high fat) and Keto diets, shifted here from the Cold Exposure thread where there was an interesting video posted about the link between a keto diet and brown fat - DP]. Excluding special cases, I don't see any benefit by ketogenic diet on the long term. In short term and in not so healthy people, it can do wonders. However, since it is not a natural state of the body, it has some side effects and not sustainable in the long term without damaging your metabolism. No matter what you do, your blood glucose levels will be kept within some interval and you will always burn glucose for fuel other than fat. You can also get this effect by eating low GI whole foods (even whole grains cooked al dante or boiled&cooled potatoes do not result in glucose spikes, well at least for me) in a time restricted manner (12h-12h) and with some CE and active BATs. As Valter Longo says, you cannot take happiness away from people, and as I can see ketogenic diet is both infeasible and unpalatable for the standard population, especially if there is even better alternatives.