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Found 1 result

  1. Points to discuss about the keto diet, in a longevity perspective: Still not very known but studies are catching up. No long term results available though. Criticized by both Luigi Fontana and Valter Longo, eminent biogerontologists, because of lack of long term results and other considerations Literature is increasing in number, studies mostly short term, little available on humans Anecdotally good to loose weight The Kevin hall study showed that it possesses no inherent property to increase basal metabolic rate It probably causes weightloss because of neurological reasons (The Guyenet theory: little satisfaction to the taste, boring, appetite is lost, fewer calories are ingested) According to Gary Taubes and others, weightloss is caused by decrease of insulin in the blood (theory unproven) Possible serious drawbacks: increase in LDL cholesterol, increase in inflammation markers Theoretically good to inhibit mTOR (if few proteins are ingested) Theoretically good for CR (if hypocaloric, normoproteic and including healthy fats-no excess saturated fats) Theoretically boosts catabolism vecause ihibits mTOR Bodybuilders employ it typically to loose bodyfat before contests Bodybuilders employ it typically in the short term and with carb reloading on weekends Recent study on human, well done, defutes muscle waste after 10 weeks and shows significant muscle increase after 1 week carb reloading Theoretically very good for T2 diabetics Theoretically high CV hazard if saturated fats are employed Pretty unconvenient to practice, unpalatable, tedious (especially if no meat-fish nor dairy is eaten)→ causes loss of appetite hence hypocaloric regimen more...