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Found 2 results

  1. Dear ALL, I'll be going to Kripalu, in Stockbridge, MA, in the Berkshires, starting this Tuesday, June 21, leaving Friday, June 24. Kripalu is the largest yoga resort in the Western Hemisphere. Their meals are served buffet style, and are the most CR-friendly that I've seen anywhere. They also have wonderful yoga classes at all levels (Beginner, Gentle, Intermediate and Vigorous -- I always do Intermediate yoga) -- one in the morning, ar 6:30AM, followed by their wonderful breakfast (I usually eat steamed vegetables for breakfast -- they have many cereals, egg dishes, etc., that I avoid at breakfast. Sometimes, they have a tofu dish that I might eat.) Then there are usually two nice sessions -- varying -- in the morning, that I follow by their wonderful lunch --which is interupted by the Kripalu Yoga dance, 12:00-1:00, finish lunch, then, probably, a 2 hour guided hike in the Berkshires, which should be lovely this time of year -- just as it is now here in Rochester, NY, where I live. In the evening, I'll do their Intermediate yoga, go to dinner, and to some evening event (possibly kirtan) -- varying from day to day. If you're there during the same time interval, please introduce yourself -- or, you can contact me directly using a private message -- or by posting to this thread. -- Saul
  2. Dear colleagues, I've just enrolled in a program called "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction". It's a two hour evening program, repeated weekly for six sessions. It's given at the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, where I work. The program is only open to employees and associates of the University of Rochester and their families; so very few people in these Forums are eligible. But you might find something similar where you work. The program here at UR is outstanding. It's a wonderful program that I've taken several times, and always come back to, whenever I can find it offered. Mindfulness is defined, roughly, as "being present in the moment". The concept takes it's roots in Asian philosophies, particularly Buddism. It's too difficult to really explain in a few words. When you regard the world and your existence mindfully, it helps to enjoy every moment, even the complicated ones. Meditating is a useful practice, that I sometimes engage in. Mindful living also usually improves sleep quality. I recommend it strongly. -- Saul
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