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Found 5 results

  1. I am new here and in search of the ideal daily diet. Something simple, no more than 1000 calories per day. (Petite female here) I am doing hi fiber bran cereal & the whole grain English muffin than contains 8 gms fiber and protein in the forms or tuna and drinks, such as the one that has 30 grams of protein and 160 calories. Vitamins enriched. Love cheese and am limiting it to 1/4 cup Blue Cheese which has 100 calories. Basically, I am in search of the optimum diet without any fuss or prep. To be followed most of the time. I do have the occasional cheesecake vacation day. Also take a multivitamin, B complex, calcium and a few others. Has anyone else created a similar daily plan?
  2. Dear all, I've joined the CR Society as I am working on an idea for a nutrition app called Hearth. If you would like to see a great nutrition app out there (as well as Cron-o-meter but different) please answer this short survey: takes 4 minus and is fun! https://ss143891.typeform.com/to/THLqwEaO Below are the research in handy mobile format and the screen designs so far. It works on a similar but, perhaps, more natural basis than CR or CRON, as I have read that people on the core CR diet are left hungry. My idea works on getting all your essential daily micronutrients through food - any diet, any budget - and only supplement gaps left in foods you eat. Here is all the research I have gatehred since February 2020 when I started work on this after a presentation from the NHS, which is creaking at the seams under the burden of lack of prevention, public health and patient responsibility in the UK. This is live until 3 December, and has only previously been shared with the Long COVID support group on Facebook. These people have offered fantastic help when they are recovered. It is free, no sign-up, not data harvested. All I get is how many unique daily users visit it and for how long. https://www.appsheet.com/start/6bafb7b1-47c9-4330-95ec-d295028b7037 You can view the Appsheet prototype in browser. There is a desktop shortcut version if anyone wants it for rest of november. Or I can also provide the same research in spreadsheet format if want to create own version or present an execution for my funding tender process. Verification of authenticity for this will be required. Here are my idea for screen designs in Figma (created with me by Plan Pixels - if anyone is interested who uses Figma, I'd love to hear from you to present my app ideas) https://www.figma.com/proto/z4atvuBTBIvgUJUzbNdvAb/Hearth-App?node-id=140%3A2&viewport=-35%2C411%2C0.2646341323852539&scaling=scale-down I believe few people know what to eat or avoid today in many developed countries due to politics, compromised studies, multi-national corporations, advertising and the media. There are many good articles out there and professionals such as Dr Zoe Harcombe zoeharcombe.com, who have led me to the idea of eating a variety of real (tinned, frozen, dried or fresh) foods, by knowing what micronutrients our bodies and minds use to for optimal health, immunity, recovery and self-care and the foods to access them. Then, if someone - say a vegan - wants to know what supplements to take (b12) then can find the daily recommended dose. The origin of the idea (from February 2020, after NHS presentation) from first bit of research is attached. Please email me on sophsweet@gmail.com or I am on Twitter @sophsweet or Facebook Sophie Sweatman or LinkedIn Sophie Sweatman to discuss or express interest or if you are keen to get involved. With kind regards Sophie Sophie's health proposal .docx
  3. Dear colleagues, A very interesting conference will be held July 26-27 at the George Washington University Medical Center: https://PCRM.org/ICNM Among the many presenters is Dr. Dean Ornish, the well-known vegan guru (who is often cited by our own mikeccolella). Looks interesting, and, IMO, worth attending. -- Saul
  4. I have attached what I eat in this message. I am eating at least 7 pounds of vegetables a day and right now I am eating around ~200-300g of each vegetable, but I am wondering if I might be better off eating less of the starchy vegetables - peas, carrots, green beans, - and more dark leafy greens? As you can see I am eating 600g of dark leafy greens every day which should be a good amount by normal standards, but I fear it is not enough from an optimal nutrition standpoint. Some more notes about my diet: The evoo is 600+ ppm polyphenols which I buy 24 bottles of and store for 12 months in my fridge at 2 degree Celcius I supplement with b12, iodine and vitamin D3 Berries are my only fruit source because of taste and they are more nutritious than other fruit I avoid animal products and grains in favor of more nutritious food groups: vegetables, fruits, seeds and legumes I limit my fat sources to evoo, flaxseeds and occasional avocado to maximize my MUFA/PUFA ratio and limit my O6 intake to ~10g I drink coffee made from 30-40g beans and 5-10g of Sencha green tea every day I avoid cocoa like the plague since it left me anxious, irritable and burned out for weeks This is a post about vegetables but any diet related discussion is welcomed.
  5. Here is a 2 hr 33 min panel discussion with Dr. Essylstyn, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Williams, & Dr. Popper. No doubt this will be of interest to many people around here. It's incredible to get these brilliant people together!
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