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Found 1 result

  1. Zeta


    Just out of curiosity, I downloaded the Tor browser, and have started looking around at all these "Onion" sites. Partly I just wanted to know what so many people I know are talking so much about. It's a fascinating (and weird and at times scary...) world!! But let's say someone wanted to get a relatively benign medication (not yet approved but, from initial appearances, mild and safe sleep meds, for ex.) from the "deep web" not available, via normal means, in the country where she or he resides. Purely theoretical question. And let's say the technical problems that stops a lot of people here -- installing and setting up the Tor browser, understanding Bitcoin, etc. -- are all solved. There remains the fundamentally critical question of trust: how does one know which purveyor is reliable? There's got to be a place where sources are ranked and reviewed, but I haven't found any, aside from a few questionable threads on Reddit that seem mostly to do with assessing sources for recreational drugs, and some claims, possibly believable (but possibly smear-campaigns by competitors) about certain sources "exit scamming"). It's a fascinating general sociological question, really: how communities based on illicit or illegal activity are constituted (including how trust and good will, etc., are established). Zeta