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Found 1 result

  1. mccoy

    Green potatoes

    Tonight I was hacking potatoes to cook'em in the oven and I noticed that they were very green, on the outside and a little in teh inside as well. I always cook potatoes with the skin. It occurred to me that somewhere I read green potatoes may be toxic because of an high concentration of solanin, as belied by the high concentration of green clorophyll. Now, if you guys read the wiki voice for solanine, it's apparent that it is a natural pesticide produced by the plant, a toxin. We know that these defensive plant-produced chemicals display an hormetic behaviour, that is, at low enough doses they trigger beneficial reaction in the human body. Now, when I think 'hormetic', then I must have it. Let's say I collect hormetic foods. I already threw away the diced green potatoes because they were meant to be my son's breakfast for tomorrow. But I'm going to keep the bag, cooking half a green potato twice a week with all the skin and enjoying the hormetic properties of solanine. In the past I remember I tasted some very bitter green potatoes, cooked in the oven with their skin. I cannot recall toxic effects,l not even mild ones. Probably I'm accustomed to plant-derived toxins after 40 years of vegetarian regimen. Anyhow, I'm determined to take fully advantage of the toxicity of solanine (at hormetic doses). These are some data from http://www.nutritionmyths.com/are-green-potatoes-toxic/ Also, A Review of Important Facts about Potato Glycoalkaloids by Marita Cantwell This means that with my present weight of 66 kg I might experience toxicity symptoms by eating 200 g or less of green potatoes with their skin. One tenth of that is 20 grams and that's probably an hormetic dosage for myself, surely a far higher dose in the past did not cause me toxic symptoms. Toxicity from proper potatoes would not manifest before eating 2 kg of'em. Disclaimer: the hormesis region is not the same for everyone. In particular, some people are very susceptible to poisononing from vegetable toxins, like lectins from beans, gluten from wheat, solanine from potatoes. I do not suggest the above experimentation to anyone without a proper medical supervision, or without a consolidated attunement to the reactions of one's own body. Also, experiments should begin with very low dosages.