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Found 1 result

  1. mccoy

    Multiple spice mix

    This is a thread which has been inspired by Dean's 20 spices mix which he cited in the other thread on EVOO, I believe that we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, convinced about the validity of the xenohormetic theory, according to which the typical molecules of spices, which often are just phytotoxins, are poisonous to insects and other small lifeforms but beneficial to humans, in very moderate amounts as used in food preparations and dressing. So, having ready at hand such a xenhormetic mix as Dean does is sure an example to follow. Now, with all the caveats on the possible loss of properties of dried and ground spices, which we can sure alleviate by eating some fresh ones, quantity (number of spices) arguably equals diversification and a possibly greater range of effect of the hormetic principles/molecules. To make it short, I started reading the ingredients of the curry powder I have in my kitchen. It's 15 different spices already ground together. On top of that I prepared a mix of 7 more common mediterranean spices plus nutmeg. To these, we may add cinnamom maybe in a separate container to use in drinks (I use it in my cacao drink), but I saw cinnamom is also used in some ethnic spice mixes . Plus I use some occasional more expensive spices like saffron and vanilla. It adds to 23 different spices in two different containers, plus cinnamom= 24, plus others to mix occasionally. I'm going to prepare a list to which we may add more and see it is possible to reach a number of 30 spices to use daily for a very wide range xenohormetic effect. Dean's idea is very good in that it's convenient to have one or two containers only and we dont' forget to use single spices. 15 spices found in a commercial curry (supermarket): turmeric coriander cumin fenugreek ginger garlic cloves pimiento senape laurel chili fennel seed cardamom white peper black pepper 7 Mediterranean spices I could find and mix, plus nutmeg: Rosemary Basil Parsely Thyme Oregano Sage onion herb Marjoran nutmeg Other possible ones, which I could not find ground, are anice,seeds star anice, also there are pink and green pepper. And who knows how many more ethnic spices...