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Found 1 result

  1. Dean Pomerleau

    Inspiring Oldsters

    [Admin Note: Several of these first posts are from other threads. I've collected them here on a thread devoted to "Inspiring Oldsters". --Dean] Sthira, I appreciate your advocacy for the image of centenarians, and I mean them no offense, but I think supercentenarians generally look like crap in photos because they look like crap in real life. They are suffering the ravages of the aging process, and by our hard-wired standards of physical attractiveness, these folks ain't it. Honestly, I expect the photographers are doing their best to make them look ok. But while there may not be many (any?) attractive supercentenarians, there are centenarians who still look quite good. This Pinterest channel has lots of pictures of them. But Pinterest is a PITA, blocking anyone without an account from view its pictures. So I've screen captured several of the most striking (reportedly) centenarians and linked to them below. Pretty impressive, both the individuals and the photography. --Dean