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Welcome to new members from israel!

Paul McGlothin

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I am sure I speak for all Society members who wish to welcome new folks from Israel. Thanks for your interest in CR, the world's healthiest and happiest lifestyle. For those of you who read Hebrew, here is the article that recently appeared on Mako.


To help Mako readers understand more about what a CR menu might be like, we created this one-day meal plan.People enjoy what they eat and they feel so good when they eat this way. For CR veterans, you may notice that the resistant starch in this meal ( hulled barley) may benefit the gut microbiome, an increasing focus of the CR Way.



Breakfast (biggest meal of the day)




Sweet Tarragon Barley Cereal




CR Way Sweet Tarragon Barley, topped with cranberries, strawberries, and walnuts –sprinkled with gingered ground flax seed (for some hedonistic crunch) and served with warm Sweet Tarragon Barley Milk




Sprouted Grain Tacos


Warmed Sprouted Grain Tacos – (no flour!)


Filled with fresh tomato, green and red peppers, onion, garlic, lemon-scented avocado, and lentils with a touch of cardamom,








Wild-caught Atlantic Salmon Salad


Medallion Sweet Potatoes


Meredith’s Naughty Chocolate Bread with pumpkin seeds and raspberries






CR Way Warm Vegetable Soup



I wish all great good luck and good health on your CR Journey.












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