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My freezer: snapshot of my diet


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Brian\'s little freezer.jpg


Yes, I should defrost the freezer, and, well, for that matter, buy a bigger one! But, for fun, this is what my freezer looks like these days. It's amazing how much of my diet it captures (except that the ratio of fruit to veggies in the image is higher than what I actually eat): a lot of beans (for protein), tons of zucchini and bell peppers, the occasional 20 calorie portion of fruit (I eat all of the orange except the seeds), lots of cruciferous vegetables (starting to wonder about the goitrogens, though), lots of avocados (buy too many? freeze!), and some salmon or sardines (barely visible in the jar with the red lid). And in the way back, not visible, I've even got a few jars of olive oil!

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